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Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Chiang Kai-shek must fall: An introduction to fallism in Taiwan

Charlie Croft discusses the legacy of Chiang Kai-shek and the dispute about whether his statues should be taken down in Taiwan.

Academics split over Rhodes ‘Retain and Explain’ plaque

The plaque acknowledges the criticism that Rhodes has attracted “in his day and ever since”. This criticism is ongoing with Oxford professors amongst some calling for Rhodes’ removal from Oxford’s High Street. 

Protest marks one year since murder of George Floyd and calls for removal of Rhodes statue

"The protest marked the one year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd and criticised Oriel College’s decision not to take down the High Street Statue of imperialist Cecil Rhodes."

The Undercurrent: Oriel’s blue-worthy mental gymnastics on Rhodes

My working theory is that this is Oriel’s last, desperate attempt to shut students up by literally stunning them into silence.

Jeremy Corbyn speaks on Cecil Rhodes, visions for Labour, and antisemitism in Labour at the Oxford Union

CW: Mentions of antisemitism and racism Jeremy Corbyn addressed The Oxford Union this afternoon, speaking on a range of topics including the impact of COVID-19...

BREAKING: Rhodes should fall, commission concludes

In a report seen by The Guardian, the commission advised that the College not only removes the statue, but a plaque featuring a portrait of Rhodes on King Edward Street. It also urged the College to publish a statement definitively detailing its association with Rhodes and his legacy.

Oxford societies criticise Sewell Report as “misleading and false”

Several Oxford societies have joined the criticism from academics and campaigners surrounding the release of a government report into institutional racism in the UK....

The UN Anti-Racism Day protests in Oxford in photos

"The goal of the protest was to 'come together united against racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism and fascism [and] stand in solidarity with refugees and migrants to send a powerful message to those in power that racism will be defeated.'"

New online hub raises awareness of University’s colonial past

The online hub includes details on the University's efforts to address system racism in education, including outreach programmes which aim to provide support to Black applicants at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Cecil Rhodes inquiry outcome delayed until early spring

The Oriel College Commission of Inquiry has chosen to delay the outcome of the inquiry into the future of the Cecil Rhodes statue until...

All Souls College change Codrington Library name, but keep statue of slaveholder

All Souls College's Governing Body has announced that they will no longer call their college library ‘the Codrington Library’, acknowledging that plantations worked by...

Rhodes Must Fall Oxford demands statue falls in 2020

Rhodes Must Fall Oxford continues to campaign against the statue of Cecil Rhodes, demanding a definite removal in 2020, following Oriel College’s announcement that...

Oriel College announces details of Independent Commission of Inquiry into Rhodes Statue

Oriel College has announced details of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Rhodes statue. Whilst the Oriel College Governing Body has expressed its...

Boris Johnson criticises Oriel’s Rhodes decision

In an interview with the Evening Standard, Boris Johnson said he disagrees with Oriel College’s decision to support removing a statue of Cecil Rhodes....

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