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Oriel College removes 18th century painting ‘over fears it would offend students’

"Critics have said the painting was removed over fears it would offend students"


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“Diesmal schweigen wir nicht!” (“We won’t be silent this time”)

Germany’s right-wing factions push forward In another spectacular repeat of European history, a group of right-wing politicians met with an Austrian neo-Nazi last November in a small German town called Potsdam, known for being the...

Oliver Twist, a Sceptical 9th Grader, and an Orthodox Monastery: The Making of a New Generation in Northern Kosovo

Eager hands reach toward the ceiling as children at the Ismail Qemali school in Mitrovica, northern Kosovo, desperately try to attract the attention of an author who has come to talk to the pupils...

Tristram Hunt: the Politics of Repatriation

If you came here for a vicious takedown or a strident defence of Tristram Hunt’s position on “colonialism and collecting”, you might be slightly disappointed. Now, it’s clear that  the important conversation over decolonisation...

Why are men still getting more firsts than women?

Why are men still getting more firsts than women? Oxford University’s Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2024 claims to prioritise the need to reduce the gender awarding gap. It aims to “set ambitious targets by April 2019 to reduce by 2024 gaps in attainment by gender, ethnic origin and socio-economic...

The 2024 Sextigation

Cherwell’s "Sextigation" is back and better than ever. After 450 responses and some pretty groundbreaking analysis that followed, the results are in.  This year, 55% of respondents were female, 38.5% were male, and 5.6% were non-binary. In a slight dip from last year’s survey, the (mean) average number of sexual...

“This war has no borders” – An Interview with Ukrainian Human Rights Lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Oleksandra Matviichuk

Two years after the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Sofia Johanson speaks to Oleksandra Matviichuk about her organisation’s efforts to document war crimes, the dysfunctionality of the international security system, and how Ukraine’s victory could actually mean hope for Russia. In December 2022, Oleksandra Matviichuk was delivering the...


“If you want to understand the mess we’re in today, you need to know some history.”

Eugene Rogan, a historian of the Middle East and fellow of St. Anthony’s College is a tutor I feel slightly in awe of: charismatic and cheerful, fluent in several languages, always on the move to his next appointment, and for one of our classes, 3500 miles away in Cairo...

Seeking asylum from Myanmar: an interview with Jack Sanga

He was a student when Myanmar's military launched a coup against its sitting government in 2021 and has since had to flee after protesting against military rule. He currently volunteers with the charity Asylum Welcome and is seeking to raise awareness of the ongoing violence and human rights abuses perpetrated...


Memory and Narrative in Miguel Gomes’ Tabu

"Now approaching the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, I return to Miguel Gomes’ 2012 feature Tabu."

Review: ‘The Achilles Trap: Saddam Hussein, the United States, and the Middle East 1979-2003’ by Steve Coll

Tyrants should only be brought down by their own people; they become martyrs when brought down by foreigners.


To all the pubs we’ve loved before – Three Goats Heads

Week 7 – for the normal student, we are approaching the end of term, for the less normal; it is hack week on St Michael’s Street! For our last review therefore, we headed to the Three Goats Heads (conveniently right beside the Union). We visited here for Sunday lunch...

To all the pubs we’ve loved before: pitch(er) perfect

The fifth week blues are hitting so we are combatting them with blue lagoons! Spoonspitchers are a student staple for a reason, and week we decided to try out some new flavours.This is our ranking of some of the Spoons pitchers, assisted by our expert friends. Bumbu Colada – this...