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    How do we keep Campsfield closed?

    In the first week of Hilary Term, The Student Union became an officially named member of the Keep Campsfield Closed Coalition. The coalition has...

    The Monarchy: An Embodiment of Britishness?

    "The survival of the monarchy is a testament to the moderation that characterises British political history, perhaps our greatest and most distinctive achievement."

    What happens at Port and Policy?

    A crowd of eager onlookers encircle a suited man like they are watching a schoolyard fight. He is giving a port-fuelled passionate advocation for...

    The Perfect Tory? Rishi Sunak’s tutors reveal his student persona

    Breaking news: Sunak hasn’t changed much. It’s the late nineties, Lincoln College is awaiting the arrival of an earnest, economically and socially conservative PPEist....

    The Myth of Representation 

    "Visibility matters in today's world"

    New asylum laws aren’t just impractical and illegal: they are abhorrent

    'The reality is that this, like many of this government's policies, is pure showmanship.'

    Will we no longer accept religious views in political positions?

    'Would it have been better for Forbes to be dishonest in the face of questions over her views?'

    The apolitical alternative

    Political disengagement among the younger generation is neither apathy nor ignorance, it is a highly complex product of a post-political, hyper-normalised age of absurdity,...

    The painful truth about student finance reform

    "The only feasible way to move to a graduate tax, then, is slowly."

    West-Eastern Storyman: Lord Patten on China and Diplomacy

    "Both historical vignettes speak to the complexity of international relations and its continuity between past and present, between West and East. And as the last colonial governor of Hong Kong, Lord Patten’s life serves to bridge these eras and civilisations."

    Ghosts of Christmas Past: strikes and parliamentary self-fictionalisation. 

    Moving away from the twentieth century seems unappealing to some members of the Tory party

    The House of Lords – Necessary reform?

    A more pragmatic approach would be to enact targeted reform.

    Voter Identification: A dangerous pathway to unnecessary discrimination

    "The biggest problem with ID requirements is that they are inherently discriminatory."

    The Silenced Majority: The Forty-Year-Old Conspiracy to Abolish American Democracy

    "While QAnon-spouting Trumpers certainly are frightening, these black-robed theocrats send a shiver down my spine unlike any other."

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