Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Boris Johnson looks perplexed in a close-up.

Arrogant, Offensive Truth Twisters: Don’t cry for me, Britannia

“Right guys, place your bets, how long do you think it’ll take Fiónn to become a Tory?” It was a cold January morning in my...
Jordan Peterson stands at a lectern, his left hand reaching out.

In the belly of Jordan Peterson: Ambivalence in question with the...

"There is no Culture War without its student soldiers. In some ways, the Jordan-Peterson-spectacle is funny; and we can laugh. But we cannot dismiss these people. Perhaps instead we might look a hunched Professor in the face and ask ourselves: what’s it all about?"

Beer drills and beer fountains: the potential outcomes of Tracey Crouch’s...

Mix beer with a sore defeat, and the pint cup could become an effective weapon for the football fan.

‘I’m a practical man’: Lech Wałęsa in conversation

There can’t be many people who have inspired both an opera and a U2 stadium anthem. President Lech Wałęsa may well be one of...

Review: 2nd May 1997 // Love Song Productions

2nd May 1997 manages to use a pivotal moment in political history to explore three very different relationships and the difficulties they face. It is performed with grace and humour, using the political events as a mirror that reflects the difficulties of each pair’s situation.

Will Neill’s Real Deal: The Decline and Fall of Boris Johnson

This has been a bizarre week for Boris Johnson. I appreciate that this is an evergreen statement, applicable to basically any week in the...

Philippines presidential candidate did not complete Oxford degree as he claims

"Mr. Marcos Jr. has claimed repeatedly in the past that he obtained a BA in PPE...However, Oxford University has confirmed that this claim is partly false."

Great men on vacation: The reporting of Boris’ holiday

In my opinion, both sides make the same mistake here. They obsess over the leading man, either worrying that the holiday leaves us stranded or that it is necessary for him to rest before single-handedly facing the battles ahead. All of it leads to propping up the cult of personality that separates Boris from his party infrastructure.

Pitch: 1, Parliament: 0

Rashford understands how tough life can be for people, while Boris seems to think it’s a bit like classical music -- he’s sure it’s all worthy of attention and so on, but just pretends to be interested in it so he doesn’t look bad in front of his dinner party guests.

Oxford Union votes not to look to the US for leadership

The motion came in the wake of controversial American withdrawal from Afghanistan, which raised questions about the US and its role as a global leader. It failed with 124 votes in favour and 166 against.