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A crash course in British politics: The scandals of recent years (Week 5)

To understand the current election, we ought to understand the things that shape them more than anything – including recent controversies. Be sure, many voters will have them in mind when casting their ballots.

A crash course in British politics: Who will be the next Prime Minister? (Week 3)

Only the big parties are true contenders for the premiership – meaning one of these two will, unless there is a leadership change, become PM.

Get ready for the most important year of your life, yet

The days we are living through will be the subject of history books, but the story is yet to be written. 2024 will be a crucial year for the struggles of our time – for the climate, for our rights, for our lives, and for the world as we know it.

“This war has no borders” – An Interview with Ukrainian Human Rights Lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Oleksandra Matviichuk

Two years after the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Sofia Johanson speaks to Oleksandra Matviichuk about her organisation’s efforts to document war...

A crash course in British politics: How elections work (Week 1)

The winning party’s leader – today, realistically, either Rishi Sunak (Conservative) or Keir Starmer (Labour) – will become the Prime Minister.

A crash course in British politics: An introduction (Week 0)

If you are reading this you most likely live in the United Kingdom. You might also, like me, be new here. As a first-year...

On scouring for words, snollygosters and soaked trousers with Mark Forsyth

If you could hear my bursts of laughter through the hallways of the Glink in the summer of ‘23, I apologise. But all credits...

The Age of Multipolarity

Lord Cameron put it aptly when he recently stated that,“The world has changed significantly since I first entered government, and we live in very...

Weaponised incompetence, laziness, or narcissism? Fathers at Christmas

Another Christmas came and went, and with it, I got to witness the adult men around me get away with doing little to nothing....

The countdown To 2024: Abortion rights may be the Democrats saving grace

"In a week where Republicans tore chunks out of each other in a bruising primary debate, the clear frontrunner, Donald Trump, was in New York, battling to save his crumbling Manhattan Empire. "

Where does war according to Russia’s West leave its East?

“It’s not for nothing that they call Pevek the city of romantics and daisies”, local resident Irina Shuvalova tells the camera. Taking part in...

Suella Braverman – the trap for women (of colour) in politics

"After being unceremoniously sacked from her position, her divisive reign as one of the highest-ranking ministers in this country has come to an end."

An American’s take of the Americans’ take

This term, the Oxford Union has planned to host two former United States Speakers of the House, Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy. In an...

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