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Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy reinstated as Union President

Following an Appellate Board decision, Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy has been reinstated as Oxford Union President. This follows his election victory, disqualification by Tribunal, allegations of...

Israr Khan wins Oxford Union presidency

Israr Khan has been elected Oxford Union President for Hilary Term 2025 with 617 first preferences against opponent Izzy Horrocks-Taylor’s 393 first preferences. The...

Dozens walk out of Oxford Union debate in protest against ‘institutional racism’

During Thursday night’s debate, 17 Oxford Union Committee members threatened to resign as part of a protest against “institutional racism." They delivered a list...

Oxford Union Town Hall TT24: Meet the candidates

Oxford Union elections for Trinity term 2024 are around the corner and Cherwell has interviewed both presidential candidates to find out more about their...

All three major Union committees pass motions declaring Oxford Union is ‘institutionally racist’

"The Oxford Union’s Consultative Committee (CC), Standing Committee, and Secretary’s Committee each passed motions on Monday noting that the Union is “institutionally racist” following allegations of Islamophobic comments."

Ex-presidents accuse Oxford Union of ‘targeting diverse representatives’ following Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy’s disqualification from presidency

Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy and three Oxford Union ex-presidents of colour – Michael Akolade-Ayodeji, Ahmad Nawaz, and Adam Roble – signed a letter to the Union’s...

Oxford Union rejects motion ‘British Museums are Not Very British’

On Thursday night, the Oxford Union voted against the motion ‘This House Believes British Museums Are Not Very British.’ The final count had 95...

Oxford Union believes the police do serve the people

On Thursday night, the Oxford Union voted against the motion ‘This House Believes The Police Do Not Serve the People.’ The final count had...

Oxford Union believes the EU has a bright future

On Thursday night, the Oxford Union voted in support of the motion ‘This House Believes the EU has a Bright Future.’ The final count...

Oxford Union believes international climate policy is neo-imperalist

On Thursday night, the Oxford Union voted in favour of the motion ‘This House believes international climate policy is neo-imperialist.’ The final count had...

‘Rally for Gaza’ protest at Oxford Union talk featuring Nancy Pelosi

"A protest organised by student solidarity campaigns Oxford Palestine Society and Youth Demand has broken out in front of the Oxford Union where Nancy Pelosi is speaking."

Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi, Jose Mourinho and Patrick J. Adams to speak at Oxford Union

"Cherwell can exclusively reveal details of the Oxford Union’s Trinity term 2024 term card. Speakers include 52nd Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, football manager Jose Mourinho and actor Patrick J. Adams. "

Oxford Union tribunal upholds Hilary election after ruling on seven allegations of electoral malpractice

The Oxford Union released a report detailing the judgements of a tribunal that considered seven allegations of electoral malpractice. The tribunal upheld the results of the election and found no evidence of electoral interference by the Returning Officers (ROs). In the course of the investigations, both President-elect Ebrahim Osman-Mowafy and candidate Chris Collins were found guilty of making “vexatious claims” against the other and fined £100. 

Louis Wilson to succeed Hannah Edwards as Oxford Union President

Oxford Union’s Appellate Board declared that the Office of President-Elect is vacant until the end of Hilary Term, after which it will be offered to the incoming Librarian for Trinity 2024, Louis Wilson. Neither of the two candidates who ran for president-elect last term, Leo Buckley or Julia Maranhao-Wong, will be taking up the role.

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