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Queen’s garden play review: ‘If you are a fan of the film you would have loved this theatrical rendition’

Honestly, I was more than happy to be spending my hungover Saturday relishing in the summer heat whilst watching Queen’s garden play last weekend...

Arcadia by Christ Church Dramatic Society review: ‘Mad, bad and brilliant to watch’

“The best prophet of the future is the past” – Byron In the sweet-preserved garden behind Christ Church Cathedral there stands a table decked with...

Romeo and Juliet review: ‘Seamless and brilliantly acted’

If he was trying to build tension then Jamie Lloyd does it well, because I couldn't wait for the play to start. By the time I found my seat I was practically shaking with excitement (and a slight twinge of fear for what was in store). 

The Knight of the White Moon review: ‘Mirth, romance, and mediaevalesque larks’

Tactically leaving the Summer VIII’s races early as the women's Div I race came to an exciting close (up the House), Pimm’s still in...

Broadway, besties and Brian Cox: A conversation with J. Smith-Cameron

J. Smith-Cameron would like you to know that she is not Succession’s Gerri Kellman. She gently corrects me when I slip up by describing...

The Two Gentlemen of Verona review: ‘A hilarious modern take’

It was, then, a testament to this commitment that the performance was as good as it was. The production was a hilarious modern take on Shakespeare’s comedy, with several scenes updated, modified, or introduced entirely for this play.

The Human Body review: ‘A Socialist exploration of healthcare and romance’

I recently attended my first production at the Donmar (https://cherwell.org/2024/01/24/review-of-tennant-as-macbeth-an-auditory-experience/ - shameless self plug!) and fell in love with the energy of the space...

‘Theatre is, at its best, one of the most democratic of the arts’

I had the chance to sit down with Gregory Doran, Oxford University’s Cameron Mackintosh visiting professor and the former artistic director of the Royal...

Long Day’s Journey Into Night review

I walked into the Wyndham Theatre’s production of Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill half-expecting a night at the London Theatre like...

An Enemy of the People review: ‘Tragic but thought provoking’

Ibsen has re-entered the drama scene with the current production of his classic play An Enemy of the People at the Duke of York...

The Oxford Revue: A Room with Revue

'a simple and clever production which ranks as one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen all year'

Julius Caesar at the TS Eliot Review: ‘Mature and Intelligent’

"From start to finish, it was a show filled with excellent performances from leading cast members."

‘Frost/Nixon’ by St John’s Drama Society – Review 

"Rohan Joshi is a star turn as President Nixon. His wounded gait, booming American accent, and measured pace of delivery kept the audience rapt."

A queer exploration of new age romance: ‘Best of Five’ Review

"Watching ‘Best of Five’ felt like I was watching a combination of mine and my friends' university experience playing out in front of me. "

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