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    Fringe: “Uncannily familiar”, Review of Cowboys and Lesbians

    "Immensely funny, masterfully constructed, and, uncannily familiar", Anuj Mishra reviews Billie Esplen's original play 'Cowboys and Lesbians'.

    ‘ASMR Eat Your Heart Out!’: A Review of The Metamorphosis

    The Metamorphosis was, understandably, intense, and weird – in a good way. Blessed with excellent performances, and clever use of technology, the play captured all the absurdity of Kafka.

    ‘He eagerly played the lead guitar whilst simultaneously thrashing a piano chord with his foot’ – A review of Jacob Collier’s Bristol concert

    'With at least 12 different musical instruments on stage, Collier tirelessly leapt from one instrument to another across the stage'

    Broken Eggs – A love letter to Spanish Tortilla

    "Broken Eggs is just the kind of reason I love the food industry - put simply, it is a love letter to a favourite dish in restaurant form."

    Bakery, posted — The brands hoping on the home-baked delivery trend

    "I think the hype train has still got a way to go."

    Gees – Mediterranean dishes at a British price point

    "The creaminess of the cheese complements the punchy beets and blood orange perfectly and the balance of flavours is bang on."

    “A Brilliant Balancing Act”: A Review of By Proxy

    By Proxy is shocking, morally complicated, and will have you frustrated, yet empathetic towards both Kit and Jo. It is also hysterically funny, with witty dialogue and inside jokes that will appeal to the Oxford student. By Proxy is a brilliant balancing act that engages at every turn.

    Retelling the Immigrant Experience: A Review of ‘Xiao’

    'Before us is a potted plant, a porcelain tea set, a dinner table, and a couple in embrace.'

    Review: ‘A Girl in School Uniform (Walks into a Bar)’

    'This is a production that knows what it’s doing.'

    Barefoot Bakery — Cakes, bakes, and great values

    "What makes it even more special though is the ethos behind it and every single dish on offer."

    “Heartwarming, enjoyable, and refreshingly different”: A Review of Sisyphus House

    'The charm of the production was in the idea that the titular house had been witness to all sorts of burgeoning relationships throughout its tenure, and this was sweetly conveyed through Nott and Bruton’s writing.'

    “A successful exploration of the play’s tension and comedy”: A review of Macbeth.

    Andrew Raynes’ production of Macbeth is a successful exploration of the play’s tension and comedy, and the cast and crew should be congratulated on bringing that out. The production succeeds in creating the world of Macbeth, and is blessed with some very talented actors which help bring it to life.

    Kesha ‘Gag Order’: A review

    'The album is all Kesha, a meticulously crafted and finely tuned testament to her prowess as a songwriter.'

    Evil Dead Rise: Brutal, Bloody, Bonkers.

    'Spirits are unleashed, souls are possessed, and jumpscares are aplenty.'

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