Cherwell is one of the largest student publications in Oxford. Cherwell offers a highly visible platform for advertisers wishing to appeal to students of the university. Cherwell is one of the oldest and most prestigious student newspapers in England, it enjoys a readership of 15,000 with copies in every JCR, and many libraries within Oxford.

The Cherwell website, is equally popular, offering a highly visible platform for advertisers wishing to appeal to students of the university. The website often averages over 100,000 hits per week.

Cherwell is Oxford’s only entirely independent student newspaper, and with a team of close to 100 students, Cherwell remains proud to promote the very best in student journalism and publishing.

We offer a  wide range of both print and online advertising opportunities, including regular print and online advertisements, advertorials and leaflet distribution.

The Cherwell Careers Guide is released in October every year, and Keep Off the Grass, Cherwell’s Fresher’s Guide is published in time for Freshers week.

Cherwell is published by Oxford Student Publications Ltd. (OSPL), and as such  advertising with Cherwell also gives you access to a number of other Oxford student publications, including The ISIS (the longest-running independent student magazine in the UK), and our science magazine The Oxford Scientist.


All advertising on the website is handled by our advertising platform, Mediavine; please visit Mediavine Direct if you wish to purchase advertisements on the website.

For further details about advertising with us please visit contact OSPL directly at [email protected]

By phone, please email [email protected] to arrange a time!

We look forward to working with you in order to promote your brand across Oxford.