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Sound And Vision: Better Call Saul’s Perfect Montage

"The perfect song choice is instrumental in creating the perfect montage".

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2023

Maeve Hagerty looks to some of the most anticipated albums of 2023, from artists like Samia to A$AP Rocky.

The joy of Spotify’s Discover Weekly

Thomas Bristow talks through the beauty of Spotify's Discover Weekly interface, and how it has changed his music tastes.

Christine McVie: Fleetwood Mac’s rock ‘n’ roll romantic

"Charged with hope and joy, aching with romantic wisdom, [McVie's songs] are the songs of a woman who has lived and loved."

A rogue Vogue cover: Drake and 21 Savage’s IP gamble

What appears to have happened here is a calculated risk – a legal roll-of-the-dice for a (potentially larger) commercial gain.

The power of the perfect song(s)

"I have many a playlist (a surplus one might say - a boring one mind you) and each one has a very specific vibe, a specific function, a certain 'je ne sais quoi'"

I Hope You Fall In Love And I Hope It Breaks Your Heart

"Pasoori is more than just a catchy hit which broke out of Pakistan; it’s a beautiful and progressive statement of social and cultural values."

What’s the sound?

"In a labyrinth of musical opportunities, I have you covered to discover the greatest sounds of Oxford."

Slumber Party Pop: A New Authenticity with Chappell Roan

Everything about Chappell Roan is DIY. A glint of becoming shines through her music and style. Not only is the 24-year old’s look intended...

Copyright or copywrong: the Shape of You case and its implications

We can only hope the decision results in a further backlash against the culture fostered by the Blurred Lines decision and a reduction in the number of frivolous lawsuits against musicians. They are bad for artists, bad for all genres of music, and fundamentally, bad for creativity.

In Harry’s House, there’s room for the romantic

‘Harry’s House’ is a house of several rooms. Of screaming elation, beautiful minutia, and doomed love, all of which make for a complex and emotive listen.

The Smile’s “slightly crazed and uncertain landscape”

The Smile is not Radiohead; they have a new name, a new line-up, and appear to see themselves to be doing something artistically different

Music beyond the M6

In a recent interview with the Sunday Times, musician Sam Fender discussed the importance of singing in a Geordie accent for his latest album...

Oxford’s rock and roll: a very short introduction

"Rock and roll and academia has never been the most compatible pairing."

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