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Oxford Date Nights

A perennial head-scratcher: where should I take my date out for a nice dinner?

Euro supermarket and the comfort of finding authentic ingredients from home

One faithful day during a stroll through Cowley, I stumbled upon a shop with my flag

Cherwell sits down with Oxford’s first state educated Vice-Chancellor

This afternoon, Cherwell met with Irene Tracey, Oxford’s new Vice-Chancellor. Tracey was formerly Warden of Merton College, and was the Nuffield Chair of Anaesthetic...

NHS in crisis – Oxford braced for student return

The only thing that makes our health system stand out at the moment is that it is in a worst state than any other in the developed world.  

2022 – A Year in Review

"Here is our selection of 2022’s drama, disaster, and craziness and what I, the Cherwell team, and the University community had to say about them."

“Refreshingly ambiguous” – Review of Wishbone

"Wishbone offers an insightful and tender portrayal of the complicated emotions tied up in a relationship".

Oxford Vice Chancellor receives Damehood for services to education

Dame Richardson received the honour of a Damehood from King Charles at Windsor Castle on Wednesday

‘After Life’: A review

After Life was an understated joy – a brilliant, bittersweet highlight of Week 7.

Films to romanticise Oxford

Films, and art in general, hold a unique ability to capture beauty, allowing us to see the grandest settings or the most every day places with awe and wonder.

Feline good: Names announced for St John’s kittens

St John’s College has announced the winning names from their competition to decide what the college’s new kittens will be called.  The three kittens have...

Diary of a temporary typhus patient

"I will likely be the best looked-after Typhus patient in history, which makes me feel perversely fortunate."

Baroness Hale visits the Oxford Union

The Oxford Union welcomed Baroness Hale on 24th November as she answered questions about her legal career to a packed audience in the chamber. Baroness...

Oxford makes progress after centuries of social engineering in admissions

"That students from Harrow no longer enjoy the 45.2% Oxbridge acceptance rate they did five years ago is not a crime."

Why have so many Prime Ministers gone to Oxford?

The question as to why so many of the Government’s top brass has come from the esteemed colleges of Oxford has long been debated....

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