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Tutorials and the art of the blag

Oxford is a unique place to study at an undergraduate level. Its centuries-long history of elitism, pomposity and academic excellence separate it from the...

Oriel College removes 18th century painting ‘over fears it would offend students’

"Critics have said the painting was removed over fears it would offend students"

Oxford University releases new mental health toolkit for students

During Hilary vacation on University Mental Health Day, the University of Oxford released a new mental health toolkit for students as part of a...

Oxford University Press’ American workers prepare to strike

The US National Labor Relations Board, an American government agency, has filed a complaint against Oxford University Press (OUP) on charges that OUP has...

“Everywhere we go, we ask: ‘What are the dominant narratives about the city? And what are they hiding?”

I’ve walked past the Clarendon Building on Broad Street many times – but I’d never thought to ask what it had been used for...

Not all made equal: Why your college really matters

Students need a more ambitious package of measures that would lead the central university to force colleges to help each other out where necessary. Until then, as the gap between endowments grows, the ‘Oxbridge experience’ will mean increasingly different things for different students. The college system should be a strength of Oxbridge, not its weakness.

Why the SU failed (and how we’ll fix it)

"Now, just over a year after my election, the SU has announced its Transformation Plan, which has two simple aims: to resolve the systemic issues and unleash the SU’s potential."

Exclusive: Nancy Pelosi, Jose Mourinho and Patrick J. Adams to speak at Oxford Union

"Cherwell can exclusively reveal details of the Oxford Union’s Trinity term 2024 term card. Speakers include 52nd Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, football manager Jose Mourinho and actor Patrick J. Adams. "

Landlords will close ATIK Oxford in June

Cherwell can confirm that ATIK Oxford is set to close down at the end of June this year. On Saturday 6 April, student club...

Oxford academics call for an end to anonymous university donations

Eight Oxford academics were among more than 120 academics, campaigners, politicians and journalists who called for legislation “requiring universities to publish a register of...

Leaked email reveals active politicians will not be considered for Oxford chancellorship

"An email leaked to The Telegraph, sent to Oxford academics by University registrar Gillian Aitken, stated that “members of legislatures or those active in politics” will be blocked from becoming the next chancellor. Until now Theresa May, Boris Johnson and Imran Khan were considered popular contenders for the role, which has also previously been occupied by Oliver Cromwell and Harold Macmillan."

Radcliffe Camera to enforce ‘History Readers-Only’ time slots amid overcrowding

Oxford’s iconic Radcliffe Camera, home to the History Faculty Library, has announced "History Readers-Only" time slots after widespread complaints of overcrowding that prevents history...

Boat Race rowers warned not to enter the Thames after E. coli discovery

High levels of E.coli have been found in the River Thames, where the Gemini 2024 Boat Race between Oxford University and Cambridge University will...

“Extremely vulnerable”: Review of The Sun King

It is difficult to imagine the stiflingly intimate space of the Burton Taylor transformed into a wide beach overlooking the expanse of the sea:...

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