Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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    Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently… Across the Atlantic Ocean.

    Most of us here in Oxford will be talked into giving rowing a try at some point, be that dabbling in the odd college...

    Radcliffe Department of Medicine 4-Year DPhil Scholars Programme – SPONSORED

    The Radcliffe Department of Medicine is a large, multi-disciplinary department, which aims to tackle some of the world’s biggest health challenges by integrating innovative basic biology...

    I went to every library in Oxford (so you don’t have...

    You don’t need to go to every library on this list. But if you’re lucky enough to carry a Bod Card, you should make a point to visit at least a few. These are special places, each with its own history and personality. Make the most of them.

    Boost your CV: Earn £11/hr from home via tutoring and inspire...

    Gaining work experience is invaluable as a student, not only can it pay the rent but it can develop transferable skills, which are a genuine...

    Another Brick in the Postgrad Wall

    "a more open system, where funding options are clear, where rejection is forthcoming, would lead to fewer students congregating in the virtual halls of The Student Room, wondering what is going on amongst the (currently virtual) decision-making panels." Matthew Prudham reflects on the trials of Master's and Doctoral degree funding.
    Blurred photo of a woman dancing

    Live in the Opera House: A Review of 21st-Century Choreography

    "I didn’t sit back and enjoy the show. And I ended up with a lot more opinions than I had ever expected four pieces of 21st-century choreography to evoke." Patrick Gwillim Thomas discusses the Royal Opera House's newest choreography project.
    Black and yellow image with a woman's face with the eyes blocked up by a stripe of yellow paint

    Review: These Quicker Elements by George Rushton

    "The lack of interaction prescribed by the online format forbids conversation between Lana and her audience, a blockage that’s mirrored by the cited words’ failure to offer clarity on Lana’s lost life events". Eleanor Zhang reviews the online production of These Quicker Elements.

    Looking a right punt

    Punting is one of those things that I had always associated with Oxford in the abstract. I can still remember walking around Christ Church...

    ADHD among the dreaming spires

    CW: Contains descriptions of addiction.  "It’s like jenga. I build a tower, I gradually remove blocks, and then BAM! I collapse." IK reflects on their experiences as an Oxford student with ADHD.

    Oxford’s Failure with Eating Disorders

    CW: Detailed descriptions of eating disorders. "At Oxford we socialise through college formals, balls, crew dates, welfare teas and so much more. For those of us who have a history of disordered eating, this can prove pretty anxiety-inducing. Not to mention, with the highly anticipated June 21st rapidly approaching and the social eating that will come with this, the pressure to get the perfect body is more extreme than ever." Jaya Rana discusses the inefficiency of Oxford's support system for students with eating disorders