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Feeling Blue? A deep-dive into Oxford sport

“You leave Oxford with a First, a spouse, or a Blue.” The latter of the three, a Blue, is the highest honour granted to...

“An ambitious testament to Epic theatre”: Angels in America Review

Angels in America: Milennium Approaches is a big show. Indeed, a play with a three-hour runtime and a Pulitzer Prize can really be nothing...

Doppelgangers, Thrifting, and Cereal

"Somewhere along the way though, our identities got mixed in with the breakfast cereal."

The Winners and Losers of the Men’s Grand Slams 2023

The 2023 men’s tennis calendar certainly had fans anticipating big things, with fresh, young blood threatening to disrupt the status quo and upset the tennis hierarchy by challenging the top players. Below I discuss the winners and losers on tennis’ biggest stages in 2023

“Comedy is humanity’s highest art form”: In Conversation With David Mitchell

Freddie Evans and Sophie Magalhaes interview David Mitchell about the enduring appeal of “Peep Show”, insights into panel shows and improvisation, his new book...

“Fast-paced, witty and painfully relatable”: Review of Immaculate

'The Devil, complete with a set of black wings, is sat at the end of the row having a chat with an audience member as we arrive for the opening night of Oliver Lansley’s ‘Immaculate’ '

Some habits die hard: the truth about Oxford’s Coffee Culture

The baristas in Cornmarket Pret know my coffee order on sight. My friends rarely see me without a strong black Americano in hand. You...

Guardians of the Galaxy 3

'If you’ve been sitting at home with your cork board and red string, becoming the next Hercule Poirot trying to work out how on earth the MCU fits together nowadays, give this intergalactic film a try.'

Time to put a lid on it

Although alcohol can bring people together, it can also leave a fair number of people on the outskirts of social settings.

Inside the Oxford fashion scene: the Fashion Gala designers

'I spoke to some of the Fashion Gala designers, who told me about their background in the world of fashion and design, their pieces for this year’s gala, and where they find their inspiration.'

The shift towards online thrift: a guide

'It is okay to deliberately buy fast-fashion second-hand since it is already in circulation and will not constitute to financially supporting unethical practices. Honestly, the longer it avoids landfill the better.'

Magdalen Street Odeon to close just before its 100th anniversary

"After 99 years of business, the Odeon Cinema on Magdalen Street will be closing its doors for good. At its peak, the cinema was one of Oxford’s most popular entertainment venues, but the rise of streaming platforms, the effects of the pandemic, and the opening of other cinemas have contributed to its decline over the past several years."

The Monarchy: An Embodiment of Britishness?

"The survival of the monarchy is a testament to the moderation that characterises British political history, perhaps our greatest and most distinctive achievement."

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