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    Hertford closes its library until 2025 for £16m renovations

    Hertford college library plans to close in July 2023, with the fully renovated library to reopen in Michaelmas 2025. The renovations are estimated to...

    Purr-fect Pictures: plans to commission Simpkin portraits at Hertford

    Hertford College is hoping to commission portraits of the late Simpkins in Sub Fusc to be placed in a prominent position in college. The...

    Cost of living crisis felt in Oxford as Hertford opens JCR food bank

    This initiative comes directly from the students, a testament to “the heart and community spirit of Hertford”, according to one student. However, this same student is frustrated that college and uni administration have not done more to address the cost of living crisis.

    ‘The most important lesson I’ve had as a journalist’: Adam Fleming in conversation

    Adam Fleming joins me just before his daily nap. A critical part of his daily routine, enabling those 4AM starts and late-night Newscast sessions,...

    Timothée Chalamet and Hugh Grant cause havoc at Hertford

    Oxford’s city centre was sent into chaos today by the filming of Wonka, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory prequel starring Timothée Chalamet. Filming has...

    Hertford cat defies Exeter Library ban

    There appear to be no signs of a détente between Simpkin IV of Hertford College and Walter of Exeter, as Simpkin has been spotted in the Exeter College Library two weeks after he was banned from the premises.

    Hertford cat Simpkin banned from Exeter College library

    The battle for Radcliffe Square has reached new heights as Hertford College cat Simpkin has been spending a lot more time in Exeter College cat Walter’s usual digs. In response, Exeter College has now banned Simpkin from the College library.

    Timothée Chalamet’s ‘Wonka’ to be filmed in Hertford College

    In a newsletter to its students, Hertford College confirmed that the resident college cat, Simpkin IV, will soon be “competing for quad space with the case and crew of the new Wonka film.” The filming is set to take place in the College before Christmas. 

    Hertford to build new sustainable graduate centre

    Hertford College has announced plans for a new graduate centre, with a specifically environmentally sustainable design in mind.

    A diplomat’s-eye view on the Israel-Palestine conflict: Hertford Principal Tom Fletcher in conversation

    "If it was easy we’d have done it a long time ago. Very smart diplomats and peacemakers have been working on this for decades since 1948. I still think that at its root there is a simplicity to this, which is that you need two states: a state of Israel and a state of Palestine, where the rights of Israelis and Palestinians are considered equally. But it’s much harder to actually deliver that.”

    Hertford College commits to net-zero carbon emissions by 2030

    Hertford College has announced that they will be setting a new aim to reach net-zero emissions and net biodiversity gain by 2030 as “a...

    Interview: Rai Kah Mercury’s Nathan De Giorgi

    Rai Kah Mercury are set to break into the Oxford scene with an atmospheric gig in Hertford College Chapel on 3rd March. Known for...

    HCNC beat HCAFC 11-5 in charity netball game

    Eleanor Frew reports on the charity clash between the netball team and the men’s football club

    Hertford accidentally distributes rejection letters

    An email attachment was circulated containing the details of all unsuccessful applicants

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