Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Central Oxford to be closed while new Netflix show filmed

Jill Cushen reports on the upcoming Netflix show "Anatomy of a Scandal", parts of which will be filmed in Oxford.

Do LGBT+ creatives have a responsibility to produce queer art?

Being "protected" from anything that resembled queerness did not manage to make me straight

Lenny Abrahamson Interview

Never one to stick to convention, Lenny Abrahamson’s self-proclaimed lack of homogeneity in his work is what has led him along his distinguished career...

Film School- Tales of Coming of Age

In the language of the Aymara, an indigenous South American nation, it is the future and not the past that lies behind you. The...

Jungle Fever: Back to Apocalypse Now

Very few films are as rewatchable as Apocalypse Now. Francis Ford Coppola’s tale of Martin Sheen’s Captain Willard travelling upriver and through war-torn Vietnam, to assassinate...

It: Chapter Two Review

The much-anticipated sequel to IT (2017) finally saw its cinematic release last weekend as the all-grown-up Losers’ Club return home to take on Pennywise...

A Hiatus for Fantasy?

Current twenty-year olds grew up watching adaptations of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth adventures on the Big Screen, reading Rowling’s Hogwarts shenanigans and dreaming of getting lost in Lewis’ Narnia.

Why a No-Deal Brexit could mean the end of British Film

But it’s independent British films that have the most to fear in the looming shadow of a no-deal Brexit. Most people working in the film industry voted against leaving altogether – why? Because the European Union massively supports creative industries in a way that our government alone either can’t or won't.

Funny before Fleabag- the best flawed female sitcom characters

Although seemingly it is a truth universally acknowledged, we need to reiterate that Fleabag was one of the best sitcoms broadcast in years. From its three-dimensional...