Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Student Profile: Zac Lumley

I joined my Zoom call with Zac on a warm afternoon in the middle of March. The first time I came across Zac’s name...

In pictures: Extinction Rebellion Oxford stages protest outside Barclays bank

“As a low income student, I'm not ready to just lay down and die. Minority communities are going to be the hardest hit by the climate crisis. And that's my friend, that's my neighbour. They’re not millionaires and neither am I so of course I’ll help them.”

Finn Harries: changing the climate narrative

"How can we tell a new story on the climate crisis that creates a sense of optimism - because we need optimism to tackle this crisis and not fall into apathy and despair."

Extinction Rebellion parade a white elephant through the city to protest...

"Members of the environmental group Extinction Rebellion dressed up as a white elephant and walked through the city centre in protest of HS2. "

Extinction Rebellion accuses HSBC of “climate colonialism” in spoof advertisements

Extinction Rebellion have put up billboards in bus stops, spoofing HSBC ads, alleging the bank is conducting “climate colonialism”. The organisation accuses HSBC of “bankrolling...


Last week climate protesters occupied St John’s College front quad, in response to the college’s refusal to divest from their fossil fuel endowment.  St John’s...

Extinction Rebellion protest at farming conference in Exam Schools

Extinction Rebellion has taken up a picket outside Oxford’s Examination Schools this month to protest the Oxford Farming Conference. Environmentalists gathered outside the building...

Rebranding Climate Change: An Imagery Crisis

We have no time to sit and mourn the collapse of a single ice cap or, more brutally, the death of a few Arctic polar bears; we are now facing a human crisis, with human impacts. To stop large-scale death and destruction in the world’s poorest areas, we must act now.

Extinction Rebellion: One Year On

"The events of the last two weeks have divulged the reality of Extinction Rebellion. "

Lord Mayor of Oxford backs Extinction Rebellion

The Lord Mayor of Oxford, Craig Simmons, has backed Extinction Rebellion’s call for environmental action in London. In a video published on the organisation’s...