Saturday, September 18, 2021
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    Tag: covid-19 vaccine

    “No plans” for compulsory vaccination, Oxford University says

    Currently, there are no plans for it to be compulsory for students to be fully vaccinated when they arrive at Oxford at the start of Michaelmas term, according to an Oxford University spokesperson.

    Oxford University opening a vaccination centre for students

    The centre will provide a walk-in service, with no need to book in advance.
    ID: Protestors standing on steps of an old building with beige/brown pillars. They hold a sign saying: END VACCINE APARTHEID / WE DEMAND A / PEOPLE'S VACCINE !

    Protestors demand patent waiver and climate action as G7 health ministers...

    "On Thursday June 3rd, protestors demanded the suspension of patent protection on COVID-19 vaccines, urging the G7 health ministers assembled in Oxford to “put people over profit”. Directly afterwards, the Extinction Rebellion (XR) protested to warn of the detrimental impacts of the climate and ecological emergency on global health."

    Broad Street protesters demand a “People’s Vaccine”

    The demonstration was part of a “global day of action” organised by the People’s Vaccine Alliance, a “coalition of organisations and activists” who are calling for pharmaceutical companies to share information about how to produce COVID-19 vaccines with laboratories around the world.

    Significant reductions in COVID-19 infections found after single dose of Oxford-AstraZeneca...

    "Researchers analysed nose and throat swabs and found that 21 days after a single dose of either Oxford-AstraZeneca or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines (with no second dose), the rates of all new COVID-19 infections had dropped by 65%, symptomatic infections by 72% and infections without reported symptoms by 57%."

    Oxford University criticised for its tracking of Israel’s vaccine delivery

    "With the ongoing devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic and the impending hope for a better future in sight, it is more crucial than ever for scientists and policy makers to accurately track and follow vaccination coverage."

    Risk of blood clots from COVID-19 seven times higher than from...

    'The Head of the Transneural Biology Group at Oxford University, Professor Paul Harrison, said: “We’ve reached two important conclusions. Firstly, COVID-19 markedly increases the risk of CVT, adding to the list of blood clotting problems this infection causes. Secondly, the COVID-19 risk is higher than we see with the current vaccines, even for those under 30; something that should be taken into account when considering the balances between risks and benefits for vaccination”.'

    EU countries resume administering Oxford vaccine with EMA backing

    The EMA concluded that the vaccine was not associated with an increased risk of blood clots. They added they would continue to investigate whether the vaccine was associated with CVST caused by low platelet counts.

    Report says vaccine passports face 12 challenges

    "A primary concern remains that any passport should be able to show if the individual is protected from the virus and will not transmit it."

    Vaccine Politics: global inequality during the COVID-19 pandemic

    "The vaccine and the coronavirus, inextricably interlinked, have become channels through which national political interests can be realised, a new, shiny tool in the arsenal and war-chests of governments to wield power and gain political capital."