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    Sam Smith’s Gloria is Queer, Controversial Perfection

    "For the queer community as a whole, this album is a welcome addition to queer culture"

    I Hope You Fall In Love And I Hope It Breaks Your Heart

    "Pasoori is more than just a catchy hit which broke out of Pakistan; it’s a beautiful and progressive statement of social and cultural values."

    A guide to LGBTQ+ life in Oxford

    "The most important thing is that Oxford is a fantastic environment in which to express yourself, your sexuality, and your gender identity freely."

    In conversation with Francesca Tacchi

    Any book that begins with the sentence “Every day is a good day to kill Nazis” is bound to catch my interest. Luckily for...

    “Not your best Judy”: The gay man’s misogyny

    Fiónn McFadden discusses the problem of misogyny among gay men and how it relates to the stereotype of the "gay best friend".

    Queer As Folk: Pride is where community is

    "Yet the message carried in this little soap opera bubble is nonetheless heartening: that the queer community is supportive and inclusive, and that for the very vulnerable, it’s often more loving and nourishing than the institutions and relatives that have failed to accept them."

    The HAPPIEST SEASON to be queer

    With Christmas comes family and with family comes movies. It’s that time to cuddle up cosy on the sofa and watch yet another Reese...

    It’s 2020, and bisexual women are still fighting to be seen

    "Bi women are often perceived as being truly romantically interested in men, faking their sexuality for attention."

    Queer Theory

    As we go into LGBT+ History Month, many figures throughout history - modern or not - are looked upon and celebrated, and rightly so....

    Queer Victoriana: Sex in the City

    In 1881, The Sins of the Cities of the Plain was published privately in 250 copies. It purports to be the memoirs of Jack Saul, a...

    “Queering Spires”: Museum’s appeal for queer history exhibition

    The curators of an upcoming exhibition celebrating Oxford’s everyday queer history are appealing for local people to loan memorabilia. “Queering Spires” is a collaboration between...

    Queer spaces should solely be for those who identify as LGBTQ+

    Straight people are an overwhelmingly problematic presence in queer spaces

    Queer spaces can benefit from the presence of allies

    With Queerfest on the horizon, Naomi Packer considers the presence of straight people within queer spaces

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