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“The person in me was reduced to someone else’s interpretation”: In conversation with pop artist, Avanti Nagral

Avanti Nagral is many things. She classifies herself as a Rory Gilmore, an older sister, a pink flamingo, Taylor Swift’s album ‘Lover’, and a...

Slumber Party Pop: A New Authenticity with Chappell Roan

Everything about Chappell Roan is DIY. A glint of becoming shines through her music and style. Not only is the 24-year old’s look intended...

Copyright or copywrong: the Shape of You case and its implications

We can only hope the decision results in a further backlash against the culture fostered by the Blurred Lines decision and a reduction in the number of frivolous lawsuits against musicians. They are bad for artists, bad for all genres of music, and fundamentally, bad for creativity.

Following the money: the meaning of “selling out”

‘I love selling out’ declared Charli XCX when speaking to NPR about Crash, released in March, a project which sees her lean into mainstream pop, ironically playing the part of an industry ‘sell-out’.

“Hey Ya!” Or Hey Nah?: Why your life is empty without “The Love Below”

"It feels almost like an Alice in Wonderland journey of sound – despite the constant growing and shrinking, we still know that we’re down the rabbit hole." Lily Kershaw looks back at André 3000's side of Outkast's 2003 double album, "The Love Below".

(Re)call Me Maybe: Re-evaluating Carly Rae Jepsen

"By putting on Katy Perry or Jessie J, you’re probably not looking for a quasi-religious experience. There’s no need for overly philosophical lyrics or boundary-pushing orchestral accompaniments; rather, you want catchy hooks, relatable lyrics, and, above all else, fun. Jepsen does this all flawlessly." Katie Kirkpatrick advocates for justice for Carly Rae Jepsen

Ava Max’s ‘Crazy Ex’: smashing or bolstering hetero-normative stereotypes surrounding women and mental illness?

"The persona that Max cultivates in these three videos is so overdone that it could be a cynical deconstruction of the ‘crazy’ stereotype, rather than a reinforcement of it. However, could the effect ultimately just be a reproduction of old misogynist tropes, changing nothing and possibly even fuelling the faithful old fire of patriarchy?"

The beauty of bedroom pop

The bedroom can feel like an inner sanctum, a personal hideout away from the public. Therefore, there seems to be a contradiction in bedroom pop becoming...

Review: Jerskin Fendrix’s ‘Winterreise’

Weird things are happening in the world of pop music. Charli XCX and Carly Rae Jepsen have bounced back from ‘Boom Clap’ and ‘Call Me Maybe’...

Review: Fine Line – Harry Styles

Two years since his solo debut, Harry Styles is back with his second album, Fine Line. Styles’ self-titled album in 2017 had to fight...

Making the Case for Bieber

I doubt you could find many people today who would not recognize those iconic opening notes of, statistically, the most hated song ever recorded – even...

Review: Lover by Taylor Swift

Jess Curry looks at why Taylor Swift's latest record represents a strong return to form

Sia and her wig: disguise or clever marketing tool?

Wearing a wig allows Sia to hide away from fame, but it may also serve another purpose

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