Sunday, May 22, 2022
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As the smoke burns down to my fingers

To blink a bloodshot world away And drink in rough, and burn, and heat Until she comes to kiss the dark.

Lost City

The undulating sands stretch out,  a vast expanse, sweltering under the gaze of the sun as it burns its way across the sky, dunes flowing like currents,  tides on...


'The clocks cry her name from Outside the door; Their hands are stiff and still.'

Changes by the River

'It doesn’t matter how stagnant we feel, The seasons keep on flowing'


"Travelling into The sunset, a new cowboy ready to ride"

The Felling of Yggdrasil

"Worlds branch off like capillaries From an oaken aorta"

Ten Days Troilus Waits for Cressida

"Above me, the Milky wheel turns round and round"

Addressing the Unknown

'Let's watch the sun making its paperboy/rounds tapping on the window and shedding/off its flecks of glow'

O Cypris

'O Cypris! I must rank among those who seek your nectar.'

Time Alone

"The echo in the chapel chimes as I take my unlikely seat."