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Addressing the Unknown

Anna Ticehurst thinks about the beauty and diligence of nature in this short poem.

Melt me.

Hold me in such a way that I forget who I am

Pull me close

Let’s watch the sun making its paperboy

rounds tapping on the window and shedding

off its flecks of glow onto the furniture

Melt my shell, burn it, crack it, smash it, with a 

rock, peel it apart, tears will erode it away

Exteriors smack into each other and blend

without much thought

My sky is clear blue no clouds. The

ground is sponges green.

These days, I lollop with little grace

As ever,

my soles press into the hard-working ground beneath us

So earnest is nature, I thought. So diligent, fighting against all odds

Yet silent to the ears of mankind.

Image Credit: Jasmine Lowe

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