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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Love Island goes sustainable?

"As a show, Love Island isn’t exactly known for setting a good example for just about anything, so the sudden decision to eschew fast fashion seems rather out of character."

New era of porn not welcome, says Union

The Oxford Union voted against welcoming the new era of porn. The motion failed with 139 votes in favour and 171 votes against. 

Can you be a feminist and watch Love Island?

One of the main issues for me, and many others, is the sheer lack of diversity on Love Island.

Reality TV: harmless fun or mental health disaster?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t watch reality television. In fact, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love reality television. Growing up...

Oxford’s Finley Tapp wins Winter Love Island

Oxford City’s Finley Tapp was crowned winner of the sixth series of Love Island on Sunday with girlfriend Paige Turley. The pair split a...

Cracking on Love Island

Love Island has returned to our screens for the winter season, bringing back the glossy drama and soft-porn camera shots that have taken over British televisions for the past few summers.

Oxford City player joins Love Island

Finn Tapp, a footballer for Oxford City, has temporarily left the Club for the newest series of ITV’s Love Island. On his arrival to the Villa, the twenty-year-old...

Opinion – Love Island, veganism, and viewer hypocrisy

When I was younger, I used to have no reservations about killing innocent animals simply for enjoyment. My dad used to drive me in...

Love Island: the breaking point for exploitative television?

"Love Island doesn’t just expose its contestants to the vitriol of the public, it actively encourages it."

Hungry for Love, or Just Plain Hungry?

Exploring the problematic depiction of eating habits in ‘Love Island’

Love Island’s connection to World Cup fervour

These two hotly contested competitions have gripped the nation this summer, and are more similar than you might expect

St Hilda’s introduce Love Island Rep

They will be responsible for the purchasing of communal snacks for viewers in the college

TV memes for deadline-drowning teens

Becky Cook comments on the importance of film and TV shows in meme culture

Love Oxland: ‘I was surprised when Fred turned on a puppy and aggressively kicked it’

Izzy Agerbak and Fred Dimbleby find animal rights an obstacle to romance

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