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Layla Moran MP: Oxford University students key to repealing Vagrancy Act

"I hope the success of the campaign against the Vagrancy Act gives hope to students everywhere that they really can make a difference."

Meet the St Peter’s student running for the Liberal Democrats in the local elections

"I realised that actually, local politics is the most important in terms of being transformative to people's lives: things like housing, the amount of money we pay for council tax, the local services that are provided to us."

Cyclists and Liberal Democrats protest against closure of cycle route on Parks Road

A protest was held on Tuesday, 20th April by a group of local cyclists and Liberal Democrat activists to oppose the temporary closure of...

Lamb and Flag could be turned into community asset

The historic Lamb and Flag pub could be protected from demolition under the scheme proposed by the Liberal Democrats.

Layla Moran resumes Lib Dem leadership bid

Layla Moran MP has reaffirmed her bid to become party leader, following a decision by the Liberal Democrat Federal Board to bring the leadership...

Moran seeks to legalise rough sleeping amid Covid-19 fears

Layla Moran will present parliament with a Bill to repeal the Vagrancy Act, a law passed in 1824 which criminalises homeless people for rough...

Oxford MP Layla Moran enters Liberal Democrat leadership race

Oxford West and Abingdon's MP, Layla Moran, intends to stand for Leader of the Liberal Democrats, it was announced today. Layla Moran was re-elected as...

Layla Moran voted down in fight to protect Erasmus Programme

Oxford West and Abingdon MP Layla Moran pushed two amendments to the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to keep UK in Erasmus+ programme and to protect...

Why The Lib Dems Failed

On 12 December 2019, I didn’t vote with pride. For me, putting a cross beside ‘Liberal Democrat’ gave me that same sensation as going...

Layla Moran amongst favourites to lead Lib Dems

Layla Moran, newly re-elected MP for Oxford West and Abingdon, is one of the most likely candidates to replace Jo Swinson as leader of...

Interview: Layla Moran

I meet Layla in St Anne’s College, right in the heart of her constituency Oxford West and Abingdon, where she has just spent the...

Interview: Vince Cable

Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, took on party leadership after being re-elected to Twickenham in the 2017 snap election, having previously lost his seat...

Cable shouldn’t fool himself – he won’t make it to Number 10

Nat Rachman argues that Vince Cable isn't an attractive option for a generation more concerned with change than experience.

Oxford West on election knife-edge

YouGov poll places Liberal Democrats favourites to take seat

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