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    Review: Oxford Mind Comedy Gala

    "There were two questions heading into the night: how much money could the crowd raise, and how well have the comedians adapted their acts to fit the online format? Both questions were answered emphatically, as the audience raised over £3000." Noah Cohen-Greenberg and Owen Foster review the Zoom comedy fundraiser, Oxford Mind Comedy Gala

    An Ode to the Zoom Dinner Date

    Making the effort to get dressed up and treat yourself to some good food isn’t something we always feel like doing when we’re exhausted, but it's something I believe we should make the effort to do more often.

    Zoom cuppers – a new sub-genre of theatre?

    This was an entirely new experience, a mode of art barely explored before 2020 and something that I believed would benefit me to be a part of.

    Doom and zoom: student work life in 2020

    Like so many other current second year students, my Trinity term in 2020 was characterised by long, repetitive hours spent at a desk I...

    Cherpse! Cai and Charlie

    Cai, 2nd year, Chemistry, St. Hugh’s  First impressions? He seemed kind, friendly and relaxed, and had a nice voice. Did it meet up to your expectations? Yeah, we...

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