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    Summer 2022 Trend Predictions

    Shoes - As someone who struggles to walk in anything with a smaller surface area than a block heel, I am pleased to report...

    Pop-Classical Fusion: Alexander Joseph’s Für Elise Reimagined

    "It is prefaced: “What if Beethoven’s Für Elise… Had been written by Ludovico Einaudi?”... ‘Reimagining’ Beethoven in the style of Einaudi would entail a translation of Beethoven’s ‘classical’ harmonies into the more accessible language of modern film/popular music, potentially downsizing the role of melody and musical form in favour of communicating a more homogeneous ‘background’ sound." Yundi Li discusses the role TikTok and other new media play in changing dialogues of genre fusion.

    Oat-so-lovely: exploring the overnight craze

    If you follow any food blogs or channels on social media, you may have noticed the breakfast trend sweeping Instagram and Tiktok: overnight oats....

    Fashion forecast: what fresh fits will define 2021?

    Pandemic attire may have been extremely comfortable, but its time in the spotlight should end.

    Say So, TikTok, and the ‘Viral Sleeper Hit’

    William McCathie examines TikTok's hit-making capabilities

    A round-up of spring 2019 beauty trends

    ‘Florals? For Spring? Ground-breaking.’ (Opening a fashion article with that quote? Ground-breaking.) Except, Miranda Priestly’s eviscerating dismissal (coupled with a withering stare) is perhaps...

    The Year in Fashion: 2018’s Best and Worst Trends

    The Cherwell Fashion Editors give their take on 2018's key trends.

    Skinny jeans are so last year

    Video may have killed the radio star, but wide-leg killed the skinny jean.

    Shed your prejudice and free the Croc

    Chloe Dootson-Graube investigates the outdated stigma surrounding fashion’s worst nightmare

    Why are we against fun in fashion?

    Daisy Chandley explores the problems that surround the fashion industry’s recent disdain for the big, the bright, and the ugly

    Fashion and fitness: our unhealthy obsession with a healthy lifestyle

    Anoushka Kavanagh looks at the implications of trendy activewear

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