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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Summer 2022 Trend Predictions

Anna Roberts explores this summer’s trends and discusses her recommendations for what you can wear in Trinity 2022.

Shoes – As someone who struggles to walk in anything with a smaller surface area than a block heel, I am pleased to report the continued seasonal popularity of the wedge heel! It may not always be Oxford-cobbled-street-friendly, but the wedge heel offers a timeless summer shoe that can be worn season after season. For those who are inclined toward second-hand clothes-buying, the 90s and noughties offer some fab strappy sandals in this style. The flatform sole will also appear in its summer sandal form, for a style more suited to city living and power walking to the Bod for an exam cram. 

Layering – We all know that, as much as we might wish differently, the British summer is notoriously unreliable in its weather offerings. Layering is the answer! Pick out your favourite cami top and layer it with a thin blouse for a weather-proof 2022 look. Indeed, our continued recourse to Y2K has given us office-chic looks (think button-up shirts worn in the office by a noughties Dad) which can be elevated by layering crop tops or crochet vests for a look warm enough to survive a surprise rain shower.  

Colour Palette – Vogue UK’s April issue predicts the continued prevalence of pastels in our summer wardrobes, but a look around Westgate’s high-street shops suggests summer will also continue to see a preoccupation with deep, bright colours. Influenced perhaps by media like Euphoria, and by the continued interest in bold dressing spawned by the pandemic, deep hot pinks and block cerulean hues are likely to continue their hold on summer 2022’s colour scheme. Mixed patterns and florals seem to be less popular than in some summer seasons, in favour of block ensembles in which cut-outs and asymmetry provide the visual complexity of the piece.

Stand-out Items – I do always talk about corsets – but corsets! With such a versatile possible range of nuance of style – from cropped, bright, boned corsets for nights out to patterned stays for those inclined toward cottage-core – corset-style tops will be a summer staple. The famous Miu Miu mini skirt also suggests a trend toward shorter bottoms which will be popular this summer, but additionally an increased interest in DIY-fashion type looks, with raw hems and exposed seams. Indeed, DIY looks may provide a lot of the stand-out items of our personal wardrobes this summer, with the interest in second-hand shopping throwing up strange and outstanding statement pieces to be worn throughout the warmer months.

Image Credit: Anna Roberts

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