Friday, January 28, 2022
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The Nordic Inheritance and the Power of Myth over the Modern...

For a historian who has made every effort to avoid studying the early history modules, Prime Video’s Vikings was perhaps a surprising viewing choice....

The Common DNA of the Snyder Cut and First Cow

To examine these films side by side would be insane. But insane ideas aren’t always bad ones, and I was curious whether Snyder might be on to something with this comparison.

Preview: Hero-Man

How flawed are the moral dynamics in children’s superhero cartoons, and can we critique them through the medium of rock opera? These are the...

‘Spider-Man: Far from Home’: Marvel’s much-loved web-slinger swings back into action

"A pitch-perfect teenage (read: awkward) romance with great action, all anchored by solid performances from the ever-maturing cast."

‘Logan’: his heart is bigger than his bite

Charles Britton is impressed with Hugh Jackman’s last hurrah as the most famous X-Man

Discussing superheroes and family: a conversation with Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards, a softly spoken, quiet English teacher from Monmouthshire, South Wales, is an unexpected hero. Alongside teaching English full time in a secondary...