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    The joy of Spotify’s Discover Weekly

    Thomas Bristow talks through the beauty of Spotify's Discover Weekly interface, and how it has changed his music tastes.

    The power of the perfect song(s)

    "I have many a playlist (a surplus one might say - a boring one mind you) and each one has a very specific vibe, a specific function, a certain 'je ne sais quoi'"

    Music for springtime

    "Start your day off with this dance track and you can’t go wrong." Flora Dyson picks out some selections to help keep you company during the final stretch of restrictions and drive you into the spring and summer months.

    Bodleian Bangers: Alan Rusbridger

    "If you want 45 minutes of music to die to, surely it's last bit of Act I of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro - as good as any 45 minutes of music." Alan Rusbridger, LMH Principal and former Guardian Editor-In-Chief, is the first to feature in Music's new series, Bodleian Bangers.

    The Spotify syndicate

    We should be wary of Spotify's control over the music we listen to

    The changing times of pop music

    Thomas Athey examines the commercialisation of creativity

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