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    ‘Not Here, Not Anymore’ holds protest against Oxford Uni’s sexual assault policy

    NHNA is a student campaign aiming to fight against the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in colleges and push Oxford University towards improved sexual assault policies.

    Breaking Bridge

    CW: Sexual assault. Women want to be able to look and feel good when going on a night out and not be sexually assaulted. Fun...

    Lady Margaret Hall accused of silencing rape victim

    CW: rape, sexual assault Lady Margaret Hall silenced and mistreated a victim of rape, according to a recent article by The Times. The article states that...

    Transforming Silence: The group reinvigorating change to University sexual assault policy

    Led by (ex-)Oxford undergraduates and current graduate students across six faculties and sixteen colleges, the new collective aims to both be a space to support survivors and a movement that prevents further sexual violence.

    Oxford to join nationwide boycott of nightclubs in protest over spiking

    Oxford is joining a number of universities across the UK in having a ‘Girls Night In’,  in which students of all genders are encouraged to boycott nightclubs. The Oxford protest is due to take place on Wednesday the 27th of October, with other universities staging protests from the 25th of October to the 3rd of November.

    A question of consent: sexual assault in Oxford

    CW: Sexual Assault, violence, rape. "If I didn’t tell this man to stop, how could he have known how uncomfortable he was making me?" Anonymous reflects on their experience of surprise and unconsented choking, and the line between kink and assault.

    Stop worrying about antiheroines when the real evil is still at large

    The rise of antiheroines stresses essentially the same thing every wave of feminist movement attempts to accentuate, that a woman’s refusal to be suppressed and abused by patriarchy is always less threatening, when what they’re rebelling against is still prevalent

    Counselling demand rose 86% over long vacation

    Data released from Oxford University's Student Welfare and Support Services has revealed that demand for its services rose during the 2019-20 academic year. The number of students registered with the Disability Advisory service also rose, continuing a trend observed in preceding years. The Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service also saw an increase in demand, with the majority of users being female undergraduates.

    The misogynist within: calling ourselves out

    TW: Mentions of sexual violence "Rather than teaching men that to assault is wrong, society teaches women to do all they can to avoid it." Flora Dyson unpacks the phenomenon of internalised misogyny and questions how we can tackle it.

    The continued failure to tackle rape culture within schools

    "It is overlooked that everyday experiences of sexism are the norm for female students. This normalisation enables sexual assault to be depicted as exceptional - this must be challenged."

    ‘Buying Myself Back’: Emily Ratajkowski and the Male Gaze

    "When the feeling of self-consciousness and visibility is synonymous with experiences as a woman, this opens the door not only to doubting your own credibility, but to allow others to also doubt it for you."

    Approaching sexual assault on screen: The triumph of I May Destroy You

    Coel reminds us that sexual assault is not always staring down at us from a bathroom stall. Sexual assault can be quiet, even subtle. Sexual assault can live hidden, unnamed in memories for years.

    An Apology to my Rapist

    I’m sorry for having a bottle of wine,Who knew red with dinner was crossing a line,And for drinking vodka whilst sat in the bar,Was...

    Let’s not be complacent: sexual violence is everyone’s responsibility

    The truth is that someone can be a nice guy, a soup kitchen volunteer, a stranger or a trusted female friend, and still inflict violence on another person.

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