Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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    Review: Weezer’s “OK Human”

    "Ultimately, the album is about the human experience: the joys and monotonies; the passions and anxieties; the connection and solitude". Karan Chandra reviews Weezer's latest record, OK Human.

    “Here Comes Your” Alt-Rock

    "Alt-rock is characterised by experimentation with texture, timbre, and structure, especially drawing on the raw, distorted punk rock sounds and new wave’s energetic appeal." Jimmy Brewer takes a look back at five bands who defined the sound of the genre.

    Bodleian Bangers: Alan Rusbridger

    "If you want 45 minutes of music to die to, surely it's last bit of Act I of Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro - as good as any 45 minutes of music." Alan Rusbridger, LMH Principal and former Guardian Editor-In-Chief, is the first to feature in Music's new series, Bodleian Bangers.

    Arcade Fire’s ‘Funeral’: an underappreciated album built for times like these

    It is a fact of the universe that, in difficult times, people turn to music. It often seems somewhat counterintuitive that in states of...

    Star People: unearthing Miles Davis’ jazz-rock family tree

    By the mid-60s, jazz was floundering. The preceding decade saw bebop – the most radical post-war interpretation of the breed – birth several pioneering...

    Interview: Grant Nicholas (FEEDER)

    Talking to Grant Nicholas is like talking to a nice bloke you met at the pub who really likes music. With three platinum records and...

    John Frusciante: Water under the bridge

    A profile of the reclusive virtuoso

    Iron Maiden: 35 Years On

    An enduring quality and appeal as the ageing rockers bring 80's rock into the modern day.

    TEDDY Review – ‘Music is a point of connection between then...

    Laura Plumley reflects on a musical pursuit of the American Dream

    Yo La Tengo Album Review: Convention and experiments

    Indie stalwarts Yo La Tengo subtly surprise on latest effort.