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The 2024 Sextigation

Cherwell’s "Sextigation" is back and better than ever. After 450 responses and some pretty groundbreaking analysis that followed, the results are in.  This year, 55%...

The Not So Secret History: Family dynamics

After the madness of the first half of term, these last few weeks have seen at least three of the household retreating back into...

A Beginner’s Guide to Being Single

"I’m going to remind myself of all of the reasons that I am lucky to not be in a relationship at this point in my life."

I hate to love Love Island, but even I will be switching off this time

Jack explores Love Island's sinister undertones; body image, gender roles, relationship and diversity.

Have A Hot Girl Hilary!

Deborah Ogunnoiki reviews Oloni's sex guide The Big O on how to have a healthy sex life, just in time for 'Hot Girl Hilary'.

The ugly truth about pretty privilege

CW: Eating disorders, racism, body dysmorphia, references to sexual violence. Before I begin, I’d like to say thank you to all students that interacted with...

“Refreshingly ambiguous” – Review of Wishbone

"Wishbone offers an insightful and tender portrayal of the complicated emotions tied up in a relationship".

Everything I know about (uni) love

During summer vacation, as part of my mission to read as little of my reading list as possible, I picked up Dolly Alderton’s first...

CHERWELL SEXTIGATION: Exeter Top Shaggers, St John’s least straight college, Keble students ‘crap in bed’

With over 550 students responding, Cherwell can release the results of the 2022 Sex Survey. A look into Cherwell history shows that this publication...

Words of Wisdom from Rusty Kate: 0th Week, Hilary Term 2022

This mildly comedic column has been written by a drag queen agony aunt. It is not for the faint hearted and contains sensitive topics...

Back To School: Sex (Re)Education

The well-established mix of humour and honesty that Sex Education brings to these themes is a refreshing approach, and enables an exploration of a huge variety of sensitive issues regarding sexuality, as well as more light-hearted everyday adolescent dramas.

Radical self-acceptance as a highly sensitive person

Do you hate me? I would ask my long-suffering then boyfriend this question upwards of five times a day throughout the course of our relationship. There was nothing wrong, and he would, of course, always say no – but I just needed to check. 

Let’s talk about friendship

Netflix’s popular and influential show Sex Education has received great acclaim for its honest portrayal of sexual interactions between secondary school teens. However, its...

Words of Wisdom: Rusty Kate 5th Week

CW: This is a mildly comedic column written by a drag queen agony aunt. It is not for the faint hearted, and contains sensitive...

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