Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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In Conversation with Matthew Slotover

Anyone who knows even a little about the London art market will know Frieze. Founded in 1991 as a contemporary art magazine by Oxford...

Experiencing museums and galleries in a COVID-19 age

"Even if there were a sense of restriction, it would feel a little tone-deaf to mourn the old, ‘normal’ gallery visit." Josie Moir ponders our experience of galleries and museums in a COVID-19 Age

Can museums be decolonised? The restitution question

The first step of reckoning with our colonial past is recognising its remaining presence. Every aspect of modern life is informed by the spoils...

The Virtual Museum: Can technology transform the gallery space?

Curators must employ the technology of the future to breathe life into the past.

Location, Location, Location

The map says this is where it should be, there’s even a small picture of it next to the room number. And yet it’s wrong. Despite the number of hours, late night shifts and spreadsheet compilations, that went into finding the perfect location for the object within the museum, standing in front of that glass case still feels out-of-place.

More than Pixels

The internet has changed the way we experience art

The Sackler Family’s Dishonest Donations

It can be extremely difficult to separate art from its context. To inherit benefits from a patron essentially endorses the methods which they have...

Oxford Museums and the Artefacts of Colonialism

Lydia Stephens considers Oxford museums in light of the repatriation debate

Cabinets of Curiosities

Cherwell Fashion takes to a unique venue to explore vintage fashion in practice.

Who’s in the artistic power seat?

Ella Hill discusses Tristram Hunt’s appointment at the V&A and the continuation of gender inequality in the UK’s major museums