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    Cherwell’s College Bar Crawl

    https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/12291730/ A lot can be discovered about a college’s culture from the ingredients of their college drink. The ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude that is...

    Special Report: Merton tops 2021 Norrington Table but rankings show link between college wealth and academic performance

    Merton College, described by students as “where fun goes to die”, has lived up to its reputation for high academic attainment by topping this...

    Brexit hits Merton food supply chain

    "Our food supply chain is currently being impacted by the effects of the national lockdown and post-Brexit border arrangements with the EU."

    Good Vibrations: Hertford and Merton raffle sex toy vouchers for charity

    Hertford and Merton JCRs are raising funds for charity by organising raffles in which the prizes included £20 vouchers for Lovehoney. At Hertford, Rory Saitch...

    Merton pledge support for Homeless Charter

    Merton College announced last Tuesday that they have pledged support for Oxford Homeless Movement Charter, becoming the latest Oxford organisation to join the cause. The...

    Merton College to host “homophobic” RZIM conference for third time

    Merton College will once again host the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries’ Summer School this year, it has been announced. The conference is hosted by...

    Mertonian U-Turn: college changes its policy on trans intersectionality

    Merton college has made a substantial U-Turn on its policy surrounding an upcoming discussion of “Perspectives on trans intersectionality”. On Wednesday, the College withdrew...

    Merton bans trashing over fears of ‘elitism’

    A junior dean claimed that trashing represents the University's "elitism, ostentation, and lavishness”

    Merton student society hosts ‘genetic selection’ debate

    The event was held just a week after a St Antony’s debate on eugenics was cancelled amid heavy backlash from students

    Merton defeated in University Challenge final

    Leonie Woodland's team were beaten by St John's College, Cambridge

    New College storms to top of Norrington Table

    Merton knocked from the top of this year's Norrington Table, as Lincoln falls to bottom

    Merton vote against Fairtrade certification

    Merton College JCR have voted against Fairtrade certification. The motion, proposed by Samuel Banks and seconded by Christopher McGarry, Merton JCR Environment and Ethics...

    Merton tops updated version of Norrington Table

    Merton College has topped a revised version of the Norrington Table, pushing Oriel into second place. Oxford University adjusted the table according to the...

    Merton votes to leave Sheffield SU

    In a JCR motion on Sunday night, the undergraduate body voted not renew its affiliation to Sheffield Student Union

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