Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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How to have the perfect relationship (and other lies)

Often, Men seem Martian. They just baffle me. And I’ve got it on good authority that despite our best efforts, they’re regularly just as...

Oxford student stars in lockdown music video

Andy Vaic, a student at Oxford, has released a humorous music video about lockdown to his song ‘Why, Why, Why’. His original music video...

Cherpse! Daniel and Lindsay

Daniel, English, University, 2nd Year First impressions: Extremely awkward, for some reason we ended up messaging for ages with the audio on but cameras off, very...


The paleness of your legs made them vulnerable in the light that shone in from his bedroom window.

Love, actually: dating in 2020

I can’t lie, when I heard the news that we’d probably all be holed up in our rooms for the next few months, without...

Cherpse! Trudy and Will

Will, St. Hilda’s, Physics 1st year First impressions?  Her fashionably late entrance left me worrying I had been stood up on a Zoom date - that would...


made its blades stand sentinel and straight, made the lock stick on the kissing gate

Cherpse! Cai and Charlie

Cai, 2nd year, Chemistry, St. Hugh’s  First impressions? He seemed kind, friendly and relaxed, and had a nice voice. Did it meet up to your expectations? Yeah, we...

Eventual Ghosts

As we sailed on enthralled in the pursuit of some ardent glory


She leant back and let the blade of his shoulder frame the picture, for that’s how she would replay it in her head.