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Katie Bowen writes about love in the city in this romantic poem.

Walking along the Edgware Road 

It’s ten o’clock at night

I glance down at my phone amongst it all

And it’s your name that glows in the light

In this busy city, we work here, find anger there,

Ride on the tube to seek love

Your face floats in my mind as I stare

At the towering skyscrapers above

Sitting on the Jubilee line 

With a few glasses of wine on board

Isn’t much fun, far away from home

But here’s hoping that I can afford

Your love, with the fiver in my pocket, left over from tonight.

This rat-run of a place isn’t always the best

But then it pulls me to home, and you

Sleeping in a dodgy pub on Orchardson Street

Hoping you’re dreaming of us, too.

Artwork by Rachel Jung.

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