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"Picking apart the peel of the ripest fruit, prying open its flesh."

Get your flatmate to cook on Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day last year, I lay on the floor of my room and ate self-bought, discount chocolate. I intend to do the same...

The Patience of Ordinary Things

Recently, I have invested in Good Bread. This is most likely not something that I truly need to share via article, as a large...

The patience of ordinary things

"A different perspective exposes something new in Oxford’s tangle of streets and colleges; from afar, students on bikes and tourist groups and traffic disputes stop feeling like a nuisance, revealing instead a quiet, understated sort of loveliness."

A Beginner’s Guide to Being Single

"I’m going to remind myself of all of the reasons that I am lucky to not be in a relationship at this point in my life."

Have A Hot Girl Hilary!

Deborah Ogunnoiki reviews Oloni's sex guide The Big O on how to have a healthy sex life, just in time for 'Hot Girl Hilary'.

Before Midnight: ‘Linklater manages to paint a picture of love that feels real, without sacrificing any sense of beauty or magic’. 

'Before Midnight, then, beautifully and honestly draws Linklater’s Before trilogy to a fitting conclusion. As a meditation on love and relationships it reminds us that it’s not always plain sailing, but that this doesn’t erase or dampen our past experiences.' Josh McGrane evaluates the final instalment of Richard Linklater's beloved 'Before' trilogy.

Behind the scenes of Cherpse

Cupid here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Oxford’s sleep-deprived and somewhat crazed students… And who am I? That’s one...

Netflix’s Newest Sweetheart

Originally posted as a webcomic series on Tumblr in 2019, Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper became an instant hit. It has been adored internationally for its...

Words of Wisdom from Rusty Kate: 0th Week, Hilary Term 2022

This mildly comedic column has been written by a drag queen agony aunt. It is not for the faint hearted and contains sensitive topics...

Deconstructing ‘Hot Girl Summer’

Is Hot Girl Summer only Hot Girl Summer if the world and its wife are there to bear witness?

In Truth

'Everything I told you Came out untrue'

Cherwell Recommends: Love of all kinds

As Valentine's Day looms, it's not hard to find examples of romantic love. But literature celebrates the expanse of human emotion, so our books editors have picked out two moving illustrations of the other forms love takes.

Literary Loves: What fictional romance has taught me about real-life relationships

For the first 17 years of my life, I felt like everything I knew about love I learned from books. Sure, as a self-conscious...

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