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    Malala Yousafzai awarded honorary fellowship at Linacre College

    Malala Yousafzi, Oxford Alumni, has been awarded an honorary fellowship from Linacre College for emphasising the 'power of education'.

    Linacre College proposes new charitable governance statutes in light of Thao dispute

    Linacre College has proposed changes to its governance statutes which would see the creation of a Board of Trustees with duties including the management...

    Linacre name change donation under government investigation

    A £155 million donation to Linacre College from a Vietnamese billionaire is under investigation by the UK government over concerns about the donor’s links to the Communist government of Vietnam.

    Linacre alumni express concern over name change procedure

    "Cherwell has heard from early alumni of Linacre College who have expressed concerns that the multi-step process of approving the name change could disadvantage the views of alumni and fellows of the College. The process, which could take as long as a year, requires the 5430 strong Congregation to approve the proposed change before it is submitted to the Privy Council for approval."

    Climate Justice Campaign criticise Linacre name change donation

    "Linacre College’s receipt of a ‘transformative' donation from SOVICO Group has drawn criticism from the Oxford Climate Justice Campaign because of the company's associations with the aviation and petroleum industry."

    Linacre College to change name after £155m donation

    The College says that the donation will have a “transformative effect”, since it has one of the smallest endowments in the University. In 2018, the College’s endowments came to £17.7 million. The donation will go towards the construction of a new graduate centre, and fund graduate access scholarships. A significant part of the donation will go towards the College’s general endowment fund to support the daily running of the College.

    Meet the Linacre student that invented new vegan leather

    "With the ever-increasing rise of awareness of pollution, global warming, and the use of plastic the search for alternative materials becomes more urgent, Gabriel Moreno and his father Alex started Fiquetex with the aim of providing a reliable source of alternative greener materials made from the Fique plant."

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