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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: Investigations

‘It feels so heartbreaking’: Students feel let down by mitigating circumstances process as University receives over 3,500 applications

"These were some of my lowest moments, and I forced myself to relive them by writing them down, pushing aside my discomfort in order to bare all to my examiners, only for them to turn around and reject them."

Under 20% of students living on site for Trinity Term estimated to have used University’s Asymptomatic Testing Sites

The University estimated that as of June 1st, the number of students on site totalled 21,203, comprising 10,108 postgraduate students and 11,095 undergraduate students. Of these students, 4,149 used the symptom-free testing programme.

Ten colleges not paying real Living Wage

A Cherwell investigation has found that at least ten Oxford colleges were still not paying the real Living Wage of £9.30 per hour to all of their permanent employees and casual workers as of 16th December 2020.

Students unhappy with college isolation provision

A Cherwell survey has found that 57% of respondents were not satisfied with their college’s handling of self-isolation last term. One student commented that...

Investigation: Toxic Chemical in University Hand Sanitisers

Relisan hand sanitiser, purchased by Oxford University for use in its facilities, has been found to contain a synthetic fragrance called butylphenyl methylpropional, also...

Investigation: Prelims Favour Private School Students

An investigation into the attainment of ex-state school students, which includes both state comprehensive and state grammar, and ex-independent school students at Oxford has...

Investigation: Towards a Transparently Funded Careers Service

Nestled in a tranquil lot on Banbury Road, the Careers Service is the University’s main provider of careers and graduate advice to members. In...

Profile: Richard Bilton

Playwright Tom Stoppard said, “I still believe that if your aim is to change the world, journalism is a more immediate short-term weapon.” The...

More than a quarter of Oxford students don’t go clubbing

C+ investigation reveals new details about Oxford clubbing culture

Almost half of Oxford students to back Labour in June, Cherwell poll finds

Cherwell's 2017 General Election poll suggests overwhelming support for Jeremy Corbyn's party

C+: Student testimonials on free speech in Oxford

As part of the survey conducted to gather experiences and opinions of students in Oxford, C+ collect­ed anonymised comments from students on their perceptions of freedom of speech in Oxford.

In conversation with Jacob Williams, of ‘Open Oxford’ and ‘No Offence’

Maxim Parr-Reid interviews the founder of one of Oxford's most notorious student publications

Free speech at university has a storied past

Our universities were not built as havens of free expression, and Oxford never led the way on free speech

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