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    Unlocking the Power of EdTech: Revolutionising Education for a Brighter Future

    EdTech: Pioneering the Future of Education In today's modern era, technology's imprint is increasingly prominent, reshaping all aspects of our lives, and carving a new...

    The Perfect Tory? Rishi Sunak’s tutors reveal his student persona

    Breaking news: Sunak hasn’t changed much. It’s the late nineties, Lincoln College is awaiting the arrival of an earnest, economically and socially conservative PPEist....

    Parliament supports NDA ban in universities for cases of assault, harassment, and misconduct

    Last week, both houses of Parliament agreed on an amendment to the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill which will ban the use of...

    Why the latest BBC cuts are the most dramatic yet

    Nadine Dorries, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, has made no secret of her dislike for free and independent media...

    Calorific damage

    CW: calories, eating disorders Many will be aware of the public concern which erupted when the government passed legislation making it compulsory for eateries with...

    Calorie labelling is not a miracle cure for obesity, it’s proof that the government has failed those with eating disorders

    Displaying calorie information on menus is a step towards furthering a culture that believes food is the enemy

    Will Neill’s Real Deal: Tory Conference and the Politics of Inhumanity

    Week one of Michaelmas term, and Freshers Flu has swept through Oxford like a tsunami. Hacking coughs, snotty noses, and cold sweats are currently...

    Nationalisation of power towards net zero?

    Earlier this month, US Congressional representatives Cori Bush and Jamaal Bowman introduced a congressional resolution1 calling for the transformation of the United States’ largely...

    Defending Democracy: why we must prevent the protest bill

    "While civil liberties have no doubt been altered during the pandemic, the current situation is temporary. This legislation will not be." Natasha Voase examines the 2021 Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill and its sinister implications

    Opinion: Boris cannot ‘take back control’ when there is none left

    "Boris is sending the message that the law is not to be taken seriously. And if that is the case, why follow it?"

    The government’s obesity strategy might increase our mental health crisis

    The mixed messages which the government is giving people: lose weight but also spend all your money in fast-food restaurants, is as confusing as how people are supposed to lose weight.

    Unmasking the Failings: why the UK government was too slow on face coverings

    Picture this: a man in his 20s has contracted COVID-19, but he doesn’t know it. He heads to the shop for some supplies. He...

    OPINION: History tells us that the Conservatives’ PR switch is destined for failure

    'A botched response to Covid-19 reveal a government of incompetents who are blasé about their inability to rule and reckless in their pursuit of risk.'

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