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    “The world around us is evolving at a much faster pace than the reading lists”: Are women underrepresented in the curriculum? 

    The fact that women seemed sidelined by the curriculum in school always seemed an accepted fact. In GCSE English, we encountered depictions of Curley’s...

    Giving up the ghost – is Classics really dead?

    There is no denying it. I do spend a lot of my degree learning a language that is literally dead. Time and time again,...

    ‘Because I shall write the history’: The National Trust’s uphill battle to acknowledge colonialism

    "The National Trust’s attempt to simply avoid censorship is perceived as a threat by those who are more interested in following the traditional heroic narrative of British imperialism, obscuring a reality of millions of deaths."

    History should have no borders

    Oxford’s curriculum is woefully Eurocentric

    Oxford needs an education fit for the times

    Climate change is shaping today’s world. Oxford’s curricula can ignore it no longer.

    Uni to introduce undergrad paper in feminist philosophy

    The University aims to have four professors in feminist philosophy by next year

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