Thursday, May 19, 2022
Tags County council elections 2021 oxfordshire

Tag: county council elections 2021 oxfordshire

Election results: Balliol Student wins Labour seat in Oxfordshire County Council

"The May 6th election results for the City Council and County Council, as well as the Police and Crime Commissioner have been released. "
A diamond-shaped yellow sign saying "Liberal Democrats Winning Here" attached to a wooden fence.

Meet the St Peter’s student running for the Liberal Democrats in...

"I realised that actually, local politics is the most important in terms of being transformative to people's lives: things like housing, the amount of money we pay for council tax, the local services that are provided to us."
A sign saying "CLIMATE ACTION NOW" on the left, with protestors in the background.

Local election candidates reveal views on climate action

"Communities for Zero Carbon Oxford, a collective of local environmental groups in Oxford, have created a twelve question survey for Oxford candidates in the May 6th local elections, covering a range of environmental issues."
Image of Kelsey Trevett and Rosie Rawle in front of a brick building.

Meet the students running for the Green Party in Oxford

"The interesting thing about the current political landscape is that there is so much unharnessed power and potential of local government to transform our communities and start building an alternative society; one which is much more democratic, socially just, and environmentally just."
A photo of Michael O'Connor, smiling

Meet the Balliol student running for Oxfordshire County Council

"Sasha Mills speaks to Michael O’Connor, a student at Balliol studying for a master's in philosophy, who is running in this year’s County Council Elections for the University Parks Ward and is also a member of the last standing Oxford team in this year's University Challenge."