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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tag: admissions

Dons throw toys from pram

Senior figures in Oxford admissions have criticised the University’s attempts to broaden access, alleging their efforts represent discrimination against candidates from more affluent backgrounds...

Recent admissions statistics show growing success of access initiatives

Admissions statistics reveal the growing success of various access initiatives throughout Oxford. Following the continuation of Lady Margaret Hall’s (LMH) Foundation Year, all students...

BREAKING: Oxford announces record state school offers

Oxford University has announced that more than 69% of undergraduate offers have been made to students attending state schools. The increase of 4.6% is...

Debate: Should you choose Leeds over Oxford?

As occurs every year around results day, stories are run about students choosing lower-ranked universities over Oxbridge. This year, one student made Guardian headlines by deciding to attend Leeds instead of Oxford. Was it the correct choice?

Breakdown: Oxford’s 2019 access report in full

White applicants over 40% more likely to received an offer than BME applicants

Lazy Rich Caucasians: the legacy of the college admissions scandal

The story’s intrigue has stopped people focusing on what is actually important.

Over two thirds of Classics students privately educated for last five years

Fewer than 25% of Oxford classicists attended UK state schools.

Oxford continues to admit the fewest state school applicants in the UK

58.2% of entrants are from state schools, while only 1 in 26 from low participation backgrounds.

Entry requirements are an arbitrary measure

Oxford needs to look at more than just grades

The ‘best’ cannot mean the most exclusive

The UK’s least socially inclusive university is in need of radical admissions reform

The obsession with meritocracy in university admissions is misguided: here’s why

Universities are more than merely merit-obsessed, mechanical institutions

Oxford grad launches new access initiative

The new organisation aims to connect disadvantaged students with Oxbridge mentors

How to get into Oxbridge 101

Oxbridge summer camps claiming to know the secret to admissions benefit nobody but the companies themselves

Sathnam Sanghera: “We’ve got to go through this painful process”

The Times columnist, a vocal critic of Oxbridge's admissions data, says that access is about attitude, not money

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