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70% of 2022 offers made to state-educated students

The University has announced that for the 2022 incoming class of students more than 69% of offers to UK applicants were made to students educated in the state sector. 

In last year’s admissions cycle, state school students received 68.7% of all offers, with 69.1% receiving them the year before. The percentage has remained consistently higher since state school students constituted 59.1% of offer-holders in 2016. 

The University announced that it ‘remains committed to offering fair access to all candidates, and early indications are that admissions from under-represented social groups continues to grow in line with last year’s figures.’ Last year, the state school admission intake hit a record high of 68.6%

The University’s Opportunity Oxford scheme – which offers students from under-represented backgrounds the means through which to transition to study at Oxford, including a residential stay in the lead up to their first term – is now entering its third year. Offers to the scheme have increased by 36.5% and have been made to 228 students. 

This news comes as more than 3600 students received offers of places for undergraduate study on Tuesday, the 11th of January. This is 2.6% more offers than were made last year, and means that 38% of the more than 20,000 students interviewed received offers. 

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