Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Tag: Virginia Woolf

New Year’s Resolutions: On the art of failing

"You might have made some mental goals before midnight, or contributed some flimsy ambitions to a conversation about self-love, or maybe even written a list in your notes app (that vast, interminable junkyard), but the chances are you have, or will, fall behind. I will be the first to say that I lasted an embarrassing three days on a goal to exercise daily."

Five Book that Shaped My Life: A Biblio-Biography

'Upon sitting down to write this article, the immense prospect of narrowing down my entire life's reading experience to five books suddenly seemed to stare at me, chasm-like. Life does not always present itself to us in such neat sequences.'

A Prize of One’s Own: do we really need the Women’s...

”Since the prize’s inception, it has faced backlash from women and men alike, with accusations of misandry thrown at the gender criterion and with some critics suggesting that the prize is patronising and belittling to the women that win it.”

A Phenomenology of Lost Cinemas

Every time I frantically peruse my notes, I find the keystone unlocking the bliss of unbridled writing flow by way of recalling. I remind...

Friday Favourite: The Waves

The Waves by Virginia Woolf is a book that I unapologetically love. As an English student with a long reading list, I don’t tend...

Vita and Virginia (2019)- Review

"...probably best left a source of nice stills and Pinterest GIFs."

Meet Woolf’s doll house inspiration

A miniaturised book which inspired Woolf's Orlando is to be published

Girl meets girl: re-writing cultural scripts

Priya Khaira-Hanks advocates forming your own unique queer identity outside of the boundaries of heteronormative culture