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Oxford researchers work alongside Tesco to increase plant-based meals

The Programme’s senior researcher, Dr Brian Cook...suggests that simply increasing the availability of plant-based alternatives could nudge consumers away from meat-based meals. He emphasises the role that supermarkets like Tesco should play in pushing this transition.

VegSoc ‘Two Day A Week Campaign’ to reduce meat-consumption at all colleges

"Oxford Vegan and Vegetarian Society (VegSoc) are launching a new 'Two Day A Week Campaign'. This would involve Oxford all colleges serving two hall meals a week completely meatfree." 

The perfect vegetarian Christmas

"The veggie haggis should indeed gain a position as a roasted staple around the British dinner table; cheap, healthy, easy to cook and universally delectable."

Vibrant Winter Veg

Potatoes are a-plenty, but keep an eye out post-halloween for sweet-fleshed pumpkin, all kinds of leafy green veg, beautiful purple beetroots and the unassuming fennel, cabbage and cauliflower.

Opinion – veganism is not yet fully accessible

Creating an aura of exclusivity around a philosophy which can, realistically, only be elevated above the status of a social statement to become genuinely impactful with mass participation, is entirely counter intuitive.

PETA rates Oxford University vegan-friendly

The animal rights group PETA announced a list of the 31 most vegan-friendly universities – and the University of Oxford has made the list....

Review: Lincoln College Hall

Lincoln College likes very much to boast about its reputation for the best food in Oxford – something which had me, an unashamedly pretentious...

Impossible heights: meat-free meat turns hyper-realistic

Two weeks ago, fast-food giant Burger King hit the headlines with the announcement that customers would soon be able to find the ‘Impossible Whopper’...

Flexitarians: Weird but OK?

Is flexible vegetarianism a more sustainable path towards a healthier planet?

Brasenose wins Veggie Pledge

The Veggie Pledge scheme encourages Oxford students to reduce their meat intake during November

Brasenose leads Veggie Pledge

The Veggie Pledge scheme encourages Oxford students to reduce their meat intake during November

A whole new ball game

While White Rabbit pizza and Jamon Jamon paella seemed to be this year’s crowdpleasers, Keble mixed it up with some tasty vegetarian options

The planet saving solution on our plates

As fear of environmental disaster escalates, Tom Ash argues that the solution is right in front of us, if only we could skip the late night kebab

A love letter to The Gardener’s Arms

Daniel Curtis uncovers a hidden vegetarian paradise

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