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    Union bans “digital campaigning” in future elections

    The Oxford Union has passed a new amendment to Rule 33 which will ban all forms of online campaigning except for one-on-one messages and...

    Stock should speak at the Union, says Rishi Sunak

    The row over Kathleen Stock’s invitation to speak at the Oxford Union has made it to Downing Street, as Rishi Sunak told The Telegraph...

    Freedom to hate? Why the Oxford Union’s obsession with controversial speakers must end

    Freedom of speech is something the Oxford Union champions. However, they often seem to breach the boundary between allowing freedom of speech and providing a platform to members of society who have rightly been banished for their views

    Freedom of speech in 2023: Why the Oxford Union will never cancel controversial speakers

    I don’t support young people from minority or oppressed groups having to defend their own rights in the chamber. I do, however, believe that, the Union should not rescind invites on the basis of Oxford students disagreeing with their views

    Meet the candidates! Cherwell Town Hall HT23

    Meet the candidates for the presidency of the Oxford Union in Cherwell's Town Hall for Hilary Term 2023.

    Hundreds demonstrate in support of Iran’s Reza Pahlavi at Oxford Union

    Hundreds demonstrated in support of Iran's exiled Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi as he spoke today at the Oxford Union.

    Dear Oxford Union: What was the point of that?

    "Your belief is a belief, but my existence is reality"

    Matt Hancock warns of “next pandemic” at Union address

    Matt Hancock warned of the "next pandemic" in an address to the Oxford Union, where he discussed everything from the NHS to I'm a Celebrity...

    Matthew Dick wins Union Presidency as FULFIL slate sweeps officerships

    Matthew Dick of the FULFIL slate has been elected President of the Oxford Union for TT 2022, winning 481 first preferences to Daniel Dipper's...

    Ahmad Nawaz removed as Oxford Union President following vote

    Ahmad Nawaz’s presidency of the Oxford Union has come to an end following a special vote that was brought before the chamber tonight. 251...

    Malala Yousafzai at the Oxford Union

    MALALA – despite an impressive termcard, none of the Oxford Union’s speakers this Michaelmas are as well-known as her. Mononyms are for the super-famous,...

    AJ Tracey: Live and Direct from the Oxford Union

    AJ Tracey, the West London rapper, songwriter and producer, spoke at the Oxford Union on Monday 17th October. The talk gave insight into Tracey's musical...

    “I am the Chair!”: Emergency Union meeting on fashion show devolves into chaos

    The Union’s split surrounding Saturday night’s fashion show and its governance spills further into the open. 

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