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Monday, June 27, 2022

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‘You know that you’re witnessing history’: CNN’s Clarissa Ward at the Union

“Not only do you know that you’re witnessing history,” she said, recalling the first attack on Kharkiv. “You know that you can’t fully get your arms around everything that’s happening. But you also know that your only job is to be on air and describe what you’re seeing.”

Maxim Biller and Ukraine: The resignation of a German-Jewish author?

I am well aware that for the sake of switching off from university, or from the cruel news about Ukraine, it is better to...

‘Doomer politics’: The death spiral of Russian civil society

"The end of doomer politics will require the ideal scenario of regime change, and then that the West actually demonstrate to Russians that there is a workable alternative to the way their country is run."

Linguistic hypocrisy: Rhetoric on refugees

"Refugees are considered political problems; they are viewed as contentious, voter-dividing subjects"

The perils of historical comparison and the dangerous origins of Putin’s ideology

"Historical comparisons can reveal potential outcomes yet no hard facts."

Douze points: Looking ahead to Turin 2022

Now that we’re in March, the 2022 contest is only a couple of months away, and we’re really starting to get an idea of...

Oxford’s twin city in Russia has spoken out in support of Ukraine

This weekend Oxford experienced numerous protests in solidarity with Ukraine against the Russian invasion. Over 4000 km away in Perm, Oxford’s twin city in...

“Now it’s just around the corner”: Impacts of the Russo-Ukrainian crisis in Romania

Jack Twyman interviews Florin Misiuc, a member of the Romanian diaspora, on the effects of the conflict in Ukraine as felt in Romania.

Oxford Union holds emergency panel on Ukraine Crisis

A key theme of the panel was the unanimity of the speakers. All three were in agreement that Russia’s actions are both unexpected and condemnable, and that the West’s reaction has pleasantly surprised them in its strength and collaborative nature.

Voices from Ukraine

CW: War, violence, death Seeing everything going on in Ukraine at the moment, I was struck by the fact that one thing stayed constant, the...

Former MI6 Chief speaks on Ukraine crisis at Oxford Union

Tonight, the Oxford Union welcomed Sir Robert John Sawers, former chief of MI6. Having served as an intelligence officer, diplomat, and civil servant, Sir John was Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service from November 2009 to November 2014.

A letter from Lviv, Ukraine

CW: Mentions of violence, trauma, death. This article was written on the 26th of February. As I am writing this, millions of people in Kyiv are...

Oxford University Russian Club abstains from issuing statement on Ukraine invasion

The Oxford Russian Club has decided neither to make a statement nor take an official position on the Russian invasion into Ukraine.

Oxford University students flee Ukraine after travelling day before invasion

Three Oxford University students, including two first-years, found themselves stranded after entering Ukraine almost two weeks after the Foreign Office told Britons to evacuate the country. They told Cherwell they were filming a documentary.

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