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    Traditional folk music at its experimental best

    Ben Ray finds Miranda Sykes’ latest release reaches dizzying new heights

    OxFolk reviews: ‘March Glas’ by Elfen

    Ben Ray is entranced by Elfen's debut release, giving a small insight into the joys of the Welsh folk music scene

    OxFolk reviews: ‘Here We Go 1, 2, 3’

    “Here we go, 1, 2, 3, hold your hands out to me…” so opens this beautifully formed album ‘Here We Go 1, 2, 3’...

    OxFolk reviews: ‘Cold Old Fire’

    There aren’t many folk groups that can claim to have originated in an ‘experimental psychedelic folk punk duo’, but then again Lynched, the self-styled...

    OxFolk reviews: Life in a Paper Boat

    Ben Ray finds surprises in well-renowned folk musician Kate Rusby's new album Life in a Paper Boat

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘Vortex’

    Ben Ray reviews Methera's new album 'Vortex', and is swept away by their live Corpus performance

    OxFolk Reviews: Faustus – Death and other Animals

    Ben Ray looks at the UK folk three-piece's latest release

    OxFolk review: ‘The Ties that Bind’

    Ben Ray looks at Mawkin's latest album, The Ties that Bind

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘Cycle’

    If I’m being honest, Lady Maisery’s new album ‘Cycle’ came as a surprise to me not because of it’s accomplishment and beauty, but because...

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘Old Adam’

    “How do stories make us who we are?” This is the surprisingly philosophical question posed to us by Fa Hield in the introduction to...

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘The Fade In Time’

    Ben Ray listens to 'The Fade In Time', the latest album from Sam Lee & Friends

    OxFolk Review: ‘2’

    Ben Ray looks at '2', the latest album by The Gloaming

    OxFolk Reviews: ‘The Escape’

    Ben Ray is captivated by UFQ's latest album 'The Escape'

    OxFolk Review: ‘Releasing the Leaves’

    Ben Ray listens to 'Releasing the Leaves', the second album from the duo Ninebarrow

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