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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Putin’s ‘hockey buddy’ funded Teddy Hall and Saïd Business School

As the Western world moves to sanction overseas Russian money, Cherwell has found that St Edmund Hall and the Saïd Business School accepted donations from Vladimir Potanin, the oligarch and metals tycoon who is the second richest man in Russia.

Lincoln College and St Edmund Hall asking students for COVID vaccination status

While Oxford University is not requiring students to be vaccinated against COVID-19, Cherwell has learned that two colleges are asking students to disclose whether they are fully vaccinated against the disease.

Teddy Hall technical issues cause election confusion in the JCR

"Some are arguing that they should have contacted the IT Officer or the JCR President. This is an unreasonable and dangerous argument. As a democratic principle, all those who are eligible to vote should be able to vote with the same ease as others and to expect these people to have to jump through a series of hoops to record their vote is unfair"

Worcester win hockey Cuppers again

Sweet revenge for Worcester as they defeat Teddy Hall

Tragedy for Teddy Hall in Uni Challenge final

Edinburgh beat Teddy Hall 155-140.

A whole new ball game

While White Rabbit pizza and Jamon Jamon paella seemed to be this year’s crowdpleasers, Keble mixed it up with some tasty vegetarian options

“It was the kind of stuff that I thought had been banned in the 1960s for having no taste”

St Peter's master Mark Damazer was unimpressed by Teddy Hall rugby fans' choice of beer in last week's Cuppers final

Teddy Hall tampered with tenancy agreements

The price agreed had been altered by hand on tenancy contracts

Victories for Keble and All Saints in Rugby Cuppers

Fraser Macdonald-Lister and Lucy Fenwick report on a dramatic day at Iffley

St Anne’s responds to Teddy Hall rugby team smashing toilet and holding “topless brawl”

The email demands an apology and damages "as a minimum" from the rugby team members that caused damage to the bar

Teddy Hall rugby team in“topless brawl”

Players “smashed up” a toilet and fought on the quad, after Teddy Hall’s 10-2 loss to Anne’s at darts

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