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St Anne’s responds to Teddy Hall rugby team smashing toilet and holding “topless brawl”

The Domestic Bursar of St Anne’s College, Jim Meridew, has assured St Anne’s students in an email that the college is pursuing damages and an apology from the culprits of the smashing of a disabled toilet and what was described by an onlooker as a “topless brawl” on the quad on Saturday of Second Week.

His email explains that there has been “slow progress” in dealing with the incident after Teddy Hall students have been “slow to own up” to causing damage to the bar, following a 10-2 loss of the Teddy Hall darts team to their hosts, St Anne’s.

The message also revealed that Professor Porcelli, the St Anne’s Dean, “has been negotiating with his opposite number at Teddy Hall” this week.

“We are expecting as a minimum financial recompense for the damage caused and an apology to the Dean, myself and the JCR President”, he said.

“I’d like to reassure you that we will not let this drop.”

Tom Dyer, the Teddy Hall JCR President, told Cherwell that he had nothing to add to his original statement, in which he apologised to St Anne’s for the behaviour of Teddy Hall students at their college.

“The actions at St Anne’s bar are in no way acceptable and are not something which we want any student or society of Teddy Hall to be associated with”, he said.

Although Dyer originally told Cherwell that “the Teddy Hall dean will be working to ensure that appropriate action is taken against those responsible”, Meridew’s email to St Anne’s students suggests that students not owning up may have made this more difficult than anticipated.

Pranay Shah, the St Anne’s JCR President, said, “Following the progress update from St Anne’s to all of its students, I agree with the college that the slow response from Teddy Hall is disappointing, due to the nature of the actions they carried out.

“I also agree with the minimum expectation from the College in terms of financial compensation and apologies and hope that cooperation from Teddy Hall will eventually result in this incident being resolved.”


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