Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Oxford JCRs launch campaign for the return of students

Nadia Hassan, President of the Trinity College JCR, started the petition to bring attention to the frustrations felt by many students. She told Cherwell: "Considering the anger and upset that many students are feeling across I thought it would be the best way of uniting students under one cause and getting the national student voice heard".

Oxford students respond to uncertainty over university return

"Students at the University of Oxford have responded to the lack of certainty about the return of those on on-practical courses. This followed updated guidance from the university, which suggested that a decision will not be made until after the Easter holidays."

University responds to latest government announcement

The University of Oxford has confirmed their plans for Trinity term, following an announcement from the government which would allow students to return after...

New College’s exempt students asked to consider withdrawing their application to...

Students have been invited to withdraw their applications by emailing the Academic Registrar before noon on Monday January 11th. After that, the college will confirm the final list of students who will be allowed to return.

“There are measures in place to ensure your removal”: Keble students...

Students from Keble College have been arriving at the college without any permission or having informed the accommodation office.