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The painful truth about student finance reform

"The only feasible way to move to a graduate tax, then, is slowly."

Tuition fees to be temporarily frozen prior to review

University tuition fees for UK residents will be temporarily frozen before the government comes to a decision about whether to cut them, according to...

Student Jobs: Are they worth it, and how to manage when you don’t have a choice

Oxford University’s official guidelines states "term-time employment is not permitted except under exceptional circumstances," and even in the holidays, students are told to prioritise their studies. Questions...

An Oxford Supermarket Guide

A student friendly review of where you should do your shopping in Oxford.

UCAS promotes high-interest loans to desperate students

Future Finance loans can result in students repaying more than three times the original amount of their loan over a decade, regardless of their earnings.

Wealthy students escape the turmoil of spiralling student debt

A report by UK think-tank The Intergenerational Foundation has found that the current student loans system in England disproportionately impacts students from low-income backgrounds. The...

Three-quarters of graduates will never pay off student loan, says major report

Graduates will still be making payments into their 50s, IFS report finds

Tuition fee rise accompanies fall in state school students going to university

State school entrants experience "a flattening of rates" while independent school numbers remain high

NUS snaps at maintenance grant scrap

Maintenance grants for students in the poorest threshold replaced by "lifetime debt"

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