Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Hanging in the (im)balance: the state-private school disparity in Oxford

"It is now time for private school students, committed to building a better future for all young people, to use their privilege and voice to pressure these institutions." Fionn McFadden investigates potential solutions to Oxford's state-private school disparity.

Society Spotlight: The 93% Club

"It’s hard not to develop a chip on your shoulder when you remember the embarrassment you felt when someone in a velvet suit, with a disgusted curl of their lip, tells you that you’re using the wrong cutlery at a formal dinner."

Investigation: Scottish Under-representation at Oxford

In May 2020, Oxford celebrated as the proportion of state-educated students at the university hit 62.3%. In a triumphant foreword to the Annual Admissions...

Results Day: Private schools see disproportionate grade inflation

Research by the social mobility charity upReach shared with Cherwell has begun to reveal the tangible effects of the grading approach used by Ofqual...
Photo of Radcliffe Camera

Inaccessible: Why Oxford’s latest state-school statistics shouldn’t be celebrated

"These improvements are more about chipping away at a weight on an imbalanced scale rather than levelling it."

Scottish access initiative launched by Brasenose student

In 2018, there were 13 English private schools that each sent more children to Oxford than the entire Scottish state school system.

Over two thirds of Classics students privately educated for last five...

Fewer than 25% of Oxford classicists attended UK state schools.

Oxford bottom for offers to students from poor neighbourhoods

Just 2.8 per cent of the University’s intake were from students who live in areas classified as the most difficult to engage in higher education